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ERP for Supply Chain Management

ERP for Supply Chain Management

What does ERP supply chain management mean? What are its functions? In economically developed countries, the application...

ERP Software for Cosmetic Manufacturing Industry

ERP Software for Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic companies are expanding continuously. Along with the expansion they face many management problems that plague c...

odoo erp for steel industry

ERP software for steel industry

Iron and steel enterprises are continuous process-oriented industries. The production of steel is a process of continuou...

Six Effective Methods Innovative Companies Use ERP software-Odoo ERP

Six Effective Methods that Innovative Companies Use ERP software

For many years, ERP Software has been the stand-alone solution for industries. It had been the go-to system to streamlin...

erp system | erp implementation methodology | implementation of erp system

Prioritizing your ERP Implementation methodology to get the most out of your business

In everyday life, there is no single concept of “ERP-system”. This abbreviation designates various inherently integrated...

Best Small Business ERP Software

Best Small Business ERP Software

Best Small Business ERP Software are becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market. Business leaders point out th...

Bassam info tech official odoo partner first anniversary celebration

Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Bassam Infotech

We are honored to announce the 1st Anniversary of Bassam Infotech. We take this as an opportunity to share our success s...

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