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February 9, 2023

Beyond integration or execution, a consultant helps a business enterprise overcome all obstacles. It is here that the company genuinely expresses itself. An ERP consultant’s job is to ensure a company’s overall development by addressing all ERP-related concerns. A company can develop into a successful ERP consulting firm with experience and knowledge, and an Odoo ERP provider with vast experience will comprehend and address the issues faced by a business enterprise.”

With such in-depth expertise, the ERP supplier may perform the position of an ERP consultant most impressively and successfully.

With 25 years of expertise, Bassam Infotech has branches in India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Bassam has an expert team that can provide clients with comprehensive solutions in the least amount of time. Our experience and expertise have already won us the trust of thousands of businesses.

Bassam Infotech is the finest Odoo Consultant who offers consultancy services as a Technical Consultant and Functional consultant.

Bassam as Functional Consultant for Odoo ERP

We consistently provide free applications and plugins to the Odoo community as the best and most reliable Odoo partner. Bassam is better equipped to support the client’s business needs. Hence, Bassam assists clients in optimal Odoo Project implementation decisions. Find below a few of our equals.

  • Expertise in all industries
  • Ability to recognize the flow of your business
  • Solutions to set aside challenges
  • Excellent Integration support
  • Effective Communication

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Bassam Infotech as Technical Consultant for Odoo ERP

An Odoo ERP Technical Consulting oversees the integration and implementation phases of the software. Bassam’s technical consultancy team can create the programs requested by the functional Odoo consultant and aid in reflecting them in the business requirements. The Technical Consultants can bridge the gaps between the workflow and the Odoo ERP. Some qualities of an Odoo ERP Technical Consultant are described below.

  • A thorough understanding of coding.
  • Ability to take part in module creation
  • Create and implement technical specifications.
  • Skill to participate in module improvement
  • Efficiency to test the ERP and perform integration

Why Choose Bassam for Odoo Consulting?

 Effective Business Practices

Business is more than just exchanging cash for goods and services. It requires talent and intellect to execute it correctly. Beyond that, there is a bond of trust and dedication between two businesses or people. Bassam pledges to build lasting bonds with you through reliable service and effective delivery management.

We guarantee our participation in handling even the most difficult ERP-related complications your company is facing. A group of knowledgeable and experienced experts from Bassam Infotech visits you, collaborates with you, and comprehends your challenges.

Our team’s ability to choose the optimum ERP solution for your company is aided by communication with your employees. We have experience in creating, integrating, and installing ERP for a variety of industries. We can help you decide which option will ensure the rapid expansion of your company.

 Expertise in handling Odoo tools

Everything in the software sector is based on the resource people’s in-depth knowledge. Odoo software is also very similar. Bassam has a group of professionals who are proficient in their respective fields. They have extensive operational training and are technically equipped to deal with any uncertainties. The consultants are quite knowledgeable about all software tools and programs. Our team members receive training from Odoo as an official Odoo partner and Odoo implementation firm and our team members receive enhanced and ongoing training that improves their abilities and prepares them to tackle a variety of ERP-related difficulties.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the operations in each of these industries as we have years of experience in the fields of education, healthcare, construction, supply chain management, logistics, steel, textiles, and real estate. A blend of functional, technical, and industrial experience will help the investor receive excellent consultancy services.

Unique Way of thinking

We have a group of talented individuals on our team. While our expertise enables us to offer you the best answer in the quickest amount of time, our creative brains can supply you with fresh and original alternatives to advance your company. Our young and energetic team’s innovative business methods and tactics take your endeavour to the heights.

Finest implementation assistance

ERP implementation needs the utmost caution and ongoing supervision. Once established, it will extend across departments and work with cross-departmental initiatives. Bassam promises risk-free Odoo implementation and consultation support. Although all Odoo implementers need not be consultants, an ideal Odoo implementer should be a consultant. An experienced implementer will offer better consultation.

 Excellent Customization

Do you require a customized solution for your company’s operations? Dial us, mail us, or visit us. Bassam promises the greatest customizing support possible while avoiding any technical difficulties. Our team of consultants can help you understand your needs, recognize the shortcomings of current software platforms, and provide ways to compensate for the losses.

Complete help

Grab round-the-year support to address all your ERP-related queries by partnering with Bassam. Bassam handles customers effectively and methodically. Bassam, the greatest Odoo implementing company and best Odoo developing team, can provide you with effective ERP integration guidance. Team Bassam promises ongoing training and support to users to ensure the effectiveness of the ERP.

25 years of experience

Experience plays a vital role in efficiently offering Odoo consultancy support. We have two decades of experience across verticals and meanwhile; we have encountered a wide variety of ERP-related issues. Hence, we have the tools necessary to handle any ERP issue and can walk you through each step of the ERP implementation process.

Affordable Odoo ERP Consulting service

Are you worried about the consultation charges? Do not worry. Bassam offers the best ERP consultancy at a reasonable rate. Don’t sacrifice quality to buy a thing at a discount. We provide you with the greatest support at a discounted price. Odoo’s cloud ERP support enables you to spend less on an internal server and backup maintenance.

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