Odoo ERP for the Aviation Industry and Reasons to Choose Odoo ERP 

January 12, 2021

Fly high and expand your wings to new horizons. The Aviation Industry, a growing sector that caters to the requirements of people across the globe, can get elevated to new heights with proper management support. To go in pace with the fast growth, the sector requires complete support for fast-track service management. A single point solution for managing different operations is the need of the hour. 

Need of ERP for the Aviation Industry

An ERP tool for Aviation can set aside your worries regarding the management of different operations. It can systematize operations including sales, supply chain, accounting, human resource management, customer support and many more. The Aviation industry involves several operations and has to manage data bombardment from different resources. 

Take off to an automated management world with ERP Support. Enterprise Resource Planning Software helps the aviation industry, like any other industry, to find a distinguishable place in the industry. 

The aviation industry is witnessing fast growth with a series of innovations such as:

  • Artificial intelligence in aviation industry
  • Use of Robotics
  • Dependence of blockchain
  • Unmanned aircrafts

Reasons to choose Odoo ERP 

With its wide range of operations, the aviation industry requires a total solution for merging all activities. Odoo ERP can help the industry manage all complicated operations through the integration of different Odoo modules. Be it the aviation industry or the airline management Odoo can offer a complete solution. 

Odoo is an open-source software solution with a modular structure. Easy to integrate, Odoo helps aviation businesses choose all required features and customize the features with the best ERP implementation companies.

Let us find out how Odoo ERP can help a business.

  • Easy Integration 
  • Cost-effective implementation 
  • Perfect Customization
  • Can be used in any industry
  • Manage different operations

An industry that has been witnessing steady growth for decades, the Aviation industry should maintain quality of service and proper support for sustainable growth. Managing the customers, organizing the employees and fine-tuning the data management system can get a shot in the arm with Odoo support. An efficient ERP platform can help investors to ensure transparency in their operations.


Benefits of Odoo ERP for the Aviation industry –  Best Aviation Management Software

  • Manage inventory
  • Supply chain management made easy
  • Offers support to ensure quality standards
  • Coordinate interdepartmental activities
  • Data security
  • Improved marketing and sales operation

Now let us go deep into the benefits of Odoo ERP for Aviation Industry.

  • Human Resources Management

The Aviation Industry needs the support of manpower at all levels. Managing the employees, their performance, salary, and performance management play key roles in improving the employees’ quality of work. Odoo ERP with a distinctive software solution can help the business manage employee working hours, employee attendance, leave management and shift allocation. It can also support the managers in managing employee roles and supports performance management. Recruitment of employees and their skill assessment can also be done with ease.

  • Electronic Data Interchange 

Want to ease the exchange of your entire business-related document? The Odoo ERP platform is ready to do all the tasks for you. It will help you store and compile information in a standard format and transfer data in electronic format. It will help to depend on the e-platform for the interchange of data with partners and investors. One can ensure quick and efficient data management with Odoo.

  • Quality assurance

The aviation industry with its roots linked to the global market has to follow a set of safety and standard norms set by the international bodies. Odoo, with strict quality assurance and documentation support, can help the business comply with the set standards. Quality teams and alert messages can ensure that the business strictly adheres to the safety norms.

  • Supply chain management

Whatever your business, supply chain management surely needs special focus. Managing the vendor, customer and delivery management turns crucial for all operations: Be it for a product or service business. Odoo, the ERP tool for modern times, guarantees you efficient service in managing the supply chain.

  • Inventory Support

Odoo ERP has a dedicated module for inventory management. It is sure to ease storage management. Odoo will also help to generate notification on the availability of raw materials, and products and help in re-order and replenishment management.

  • Multicurrency accounting support

Customers turn up on a global scale when it comes to the aviation industry. Engaging in global business with the important export of aeroplane parts, appointment and consultation of experts from across the world requires the use of multicurrency for transaction operations. With Odoo support, a multicurrency operation becomes effortless with timely currency rate updates and currency exchanges. Manage the global scale of different currencies and assure efficient accounting with multicurrency.

  • Multi-country operations

Spreading wings across the world, the aviation industry cannot survive by limiting operations to a single country. International operations require localization support, multi-lingual website operations and multi-company management. Multiple warehouse operations and transaction management also become painless if the industry depends on Odoo for ERP support. 

  • Expenses and Accounting

You can plan all expenses and manage all transactions ensuring transparency. Keep track of all the expenses and costs. Manage employee expenses as well as operational expenses in an organized way. Get a transparent finance management system as Odoo offers complete transparency in accounting operations. Batch transfer, vendor payment, customer accounts management and every other aspect of accounting is easy with Odoo. Odoo Accounting which can be integrated with ERP support can help you plan your budget and manage operations efficiently.

  • Data security

Want to ensure safe management of documents and data? Trust ERP solution. Odoo ERP for the Aviation Industry can assist you in getting away from hackers. Odoo can support you in managing financial documents, employee information and the manufacturing blueprint safely. An ever-evolving ERP tool, Odoo developers worldwide are working on debugging and improving security levels every day.

Have any doubts? Don’t hesitate as we are here to offer you any time support for your queries.

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