Odoo ERP For E-commerce and Online Sales in the Middle East

May 27, 2023

The world is transitioning quickly to online sales and eCommerce with the quick transition to the digital world. Sales once pointed towards point-of-sale businesses, are also transitioning to digital sales. We can say that E-Commerce is the trend of the day.

Apart from helping vendors to sell their products to customers across the globe, E-commerce has made shopping far simpler for all. In short, shopping has become simpler than anyone could have ever expected. With the aid of e-commerce, everything from a matchbox to clothes and electronic goods reaches the doorsteps of buyers. Hence, we can say that eCommerce has transformed the world into an eCommerce platform. An increase in the revenue of companies that depend on eCommerce shows the acceptability of the platform.

The enhanced use of online platforms by people of all age groups, demographic areas, and gender is now forcing more companies to go online. The popularity of smartphones, tabs, and computer devices is enhancing the popularity of online sales. Middle East countries are quick to embrace positive changes. Hence, eCommerce and online sales have also become popular in these regions.

Why Choose Odoo ERP for E-commerce?

The creation and upkeep of an online store is a difficult endeavor. An efficient ERP is necessary to manage eCommerce effectively as it involves multiple tasks including order management, shipping, feedback, and inventory. It takes a lot of labor to manage these processes using various software programs. Besides, it involves the risk of human error. Here comes the importance of Odoo ERP for E-commerce.

  • Odoo helps you streamline everything required for the effective management of an internet business.
  • Odoo is a comprehensive business management tool that includes HR, Sales, Project, CRM, and much more.
  • Odoo has a website builder that enables business owners to quickly set up an online store.
  • Odoo supports easy integration of different modules which enables the management of products, sales, orders, inventories, shipping, tracking, etc.

Online store creation

Odoo Website Builder is a prominent tool that helps in creating your own eCommerce platform. This tool supports website configuration using professional themes. Odoo Website Builder uses building blocks to construct a website. The users can easily drag and drop the building blocks with the required features. Hence, these blocks support the customization of features from design to content. Odoo Website Builder supports websites that are mobile friendly as the content in these websites will adapt automatically to many devices. Similarly, the absence of backend operations makes it a less complicated tool for building a website.

Manage products

Odoo Ecommerce supports product menus. This menu enables us to list the products, add prices, give product categories, and add product images. Product specifications and reviews can also be added to support product management.

Managing product variants based on the size, color and other attributes of the product becomes simple with Odoo. This eCommerce platform also supports the comparison of similar products.

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Sell Products

Odoo’s E-commerce platform is accessible for B2B and B2C businesses. This enables the display of different price lists for different categories of viewers.

Apart from this eCommerce platform supports lead generation. The details of visitors reaching the site and the product clicks and other details get automatically analyzed on this platform. While this platform supports marketplace integration such as the sale of products on different platforms, it also manages subscription sales.

Track Orders

Odoo’s Orders menu makes it easy to view orders on an e-commerce site. This module allows customer detail management, invoice generation, and pricing information. With this, you can also see the order’s status.


The usage of add-on connectors is possible if you go for Odoo erp with e-commerce. Thus, it supports the efficient administration of shipping operations. Odoo enables shipping integration with many carriers, including DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Users can check on the status of their products once the process is complete.

Collect payment

Odoo enables the integration of an eCommerce platform with several online payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Ogone, and allow.net. Besides, it supports payment options such as cash-on-delivery, checks, debit, and credit cards. The business has the freedom to choose the platforms for the business.

Customer opinions

The “Survey” function in Odoo enables users to provide frank feedback on services and products. Customer reviews help you develop tactics to improve the operation of the platform. Feedback facility ensures the trust of customers and a better customer experience.

Generate report

Odoo ERP assists you to generate sales reports. While these reports give you an overview of the sale statistics, it also helps to analyze the business based on the revenue generated and sales reported. The Odoo dashboard ensures a clear view of the orders received, invoices generated, and payments to receive. Graphic representation of reports on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis is another significant feature of this ERP.

Enhance Marketing

Odoo ERP enables the integration of your website with email marketing, SMS marketing, subscription, live chat, and other modules. Email marketing enables users to send automated emails to customers to encourage the purchase of products. The details such as new items, discounts, etc can be updated using this tool. Coupons and codes also increase sales. Similarly, Live chat enables the users to interact with the customers and clarify their queries. Better interaction with the customers ensure improved sale.

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