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Benefits of using ERP for Seafood Industry | Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry | ERP for Seafood Processing Companies

Feeling like a fish out of the water while coordinating the hustles and bustle of the Fishing Industry? Unpack all the apprehensions. Our Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry is here to get you out of the troubled waters.

Overseeing all the operations of the Fishing Industry, where everything from the moment of catching fish to its selling and related fish products are involved, becomes an effortless task with our Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Coordination of different stages of the Fish Industry which involves the catching, transportation, inventory management, fish processing, quality check, packing and marketing becomes part of a single ERP System the moment you sign up with the Best ERP implementation consultants.

Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry offers you the best Open Source ERP Software solution for controlling all activities with ease. The custom ERP with a dedicated module for managing different operations in the seafood industry will help harmonize procurement to processing and quality control to forecast the seasonal trends.

Have a look at the below key features specified and the subsequent benefits of working together with Bassam Infotech, the Best Odoo ERP Implementation consultant.

Benefits of ERP for Seafood / Fish processing Industry

  • Product Order Management

Systematizing product order management helps entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry to synchronize the working pattern, employee structure and time management in order to meet the order requirement. Product order helps you update all new orders for fish products and manage a work schedule to achieve the tasks given in the product order.
A methodical approach for managing orders is made possible by implementing ERP. Set the seal on the timely completion of the processing, packaging and quality check steps to ensure timely delivery of products.

  • Work hour management

Optimize the utilisation of work hours with Odoo ERP Application. Successful implementation of a smart ERP will let any Fishing Industry to plan the processing and distribution of product orders by ensuring maximum utilization of time.
Proper management of timesheets, the effective working hour calculation of staff and the assessment of the time required for different processes can be simplified with the Odoo Software. Scheduling of production on the basis of product order requirement also gets untangled with the best ERP solution. Timely delivery of processed and packaged Seafood products is assured with the help of an ERP platform.

  • Quality Control

The use of the best quality control mechanism ensures priceless benefits for the fishing industry. Guaranteeing the quality of fish with effective quality checks and quality control measures is the best mode of non-paid advertisement for any business firm.
Being the ERP implementation consultants, Bassam Infotech offers assistance to set quality checks, quality control norms and other features for your ERP platform. Auto-generation of alerts on quality of product at different stages of production also proves a supporting factor for guaranteeing quality.

Odoo also promises features to get approval from supervisors at different levels before proceeding to the next level of production. This assures that the quality of fish processing is checked at different stages. This feature also enables quality checks at the packaging stage to make sure that the processed items can be stored safely for the given period.

  • Inventory Management

The inventory management system of Odoo ERP helps to manage the stock of fish products at the warehouse. Management of multiple warehouses also is made easy with ERP Software. Proper updating of units of measures sold, units of measurements produced, and the units of measures available at the warehouse also provide us with quick data for planning the production process. Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry integrates all other features with the inventory and the management of work orders, work hours and sale review which can be completed with a click. Prevent wastage of products using the life cycle management facility, which can be easily integrated with the inventory. This enables the shelving of products based on the life cycle and ensures the sale of products in accordance with their life cycle and expiry date.


  • Forecast Demand

Prepare well using the demand forecasting feature of Odoo. Demand for every product can be forecast based on past history of sale orders. The forecast for a particular product based on the demand raised by customers from different parts of the globe is also possible.

  • Traceability

Track the movement of fish from the moment of procurement to the delivery point with ease with our Odoo assisted ERP application. The delay reported in any stage of transportation or processing can also be tracked with this feature. Package management, barcoding, shipping activity and effective sale management come as part of the Odoo ERP.
Odoo ERP for Fishing Industry also enables to easily identify the persons responsible for the operation at different stages. Getting a response from the employees for the delay and other technical glitches is made possible with the ERP application.

  • Waste Management

Set aside your worries about a proper software support for managing waste generation during processing. Odoo ERP Software helps you track waste generation and calculate the waste generation at different stages. Synchronizing with internal or external units for waste disposal and management meeting all legalities can be done on the e-platform with Odoo.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

Ease the operation of procurement and sale with BOM facility offered by Odoo. The components for different fish-based products and the use of products for processing the products can be calculated and managed with the E-platform. Setting the product order and corresponding BOM ensures optimum productivity.

  • Manage multiple work centre with a click

Systematizing the operation of different work centres will not bother you anymore. Work centre management can be done based on the product order. Distribution of work to different work centres, arrangement of the workforce to meet the demand at the work centres and timely completion of work order management becomes a cake-walk with Odoo ERP Application.

Benefit the best sales management facility integrated CRM support with Odoo ERP Application for the fishing industry. Maintaining the supply chain by adding the details and tracking the movement of shipment to each network can be managed with ease. The payment modes and payment tracking mode also come in handy with Odoo ERP.

With Odoo, one can improve productivity, ensure cost management, Integration of activities of different work centres, report generation, efficient coordination of sales activities and all other operations of the Seafood Industry. Customization features help every ERP user to personalise the features to suit your business.


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