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December 10, 2020

Being an industry involving multiple workstations and multi-warehouse management, the Paint industry requires strong ERP support to paint a good picture of the business. With the use of several raw materials including petroleum products and synthetic elements, paint manufacturing is a complex process with many tasks. Using the Best ERP solution can be useful for reducing production complexity and ensuring the quality of products. With the newest technologies taking birth every day for improving the business, the Bassam Infotech Odoo ERP solution can organize the bill of materials and manage sale and purchase records in a systematic manner by reducing the overall workload.

Odoo for Paint Industry

Odoo is an open-source Software that can be easily integrated and customized to suit the demands of the Paint Industry. Unlike any other industry, its use is directly visible in the net results. The Best ERP Implementation company can coordinate different operations involved in the paint manufacturing process with the help of Odoo.

The process involves a lot of tasks such as making the paste, dispersing the pigment, thinning the paste, and canning the paint. Odoo with special modules for sales, purchase, inventory management, accounting, and manufacturing enables the user to customize the software. Odoo manufacturing with integrated support from the quality, sale, and other modules is sure to ensure productivity and profitability in the Industry.

  • Purchase of Raw materials

The paint manufacturing industry requires the purchase of many raw materials including petroleum products, pigments, and other components. Odoo ERP for Paint manufacturing industries can manage all purchases, vendor bills, and payments in an organized manner. The purchase of raw materials can be completed with online support saving time and energy. Request for quotation and purchase order generation along with purchase report management becomes a cool task with Odoo ERP.

  • Inventory Management

Storage of paint products and raw materials requires the support of inventories. Storage most of the time may require multiple inventories. The management and systematic storage of components and finished products in these inventories get organized if you are using an ERP solution to manage the operations. Running short of raw materials or running low on product stock will no more bother you. A custom ERP can help to manage the stock level of all raw materials and check their availability throughout the production process. Stock accounts, manufacturing orders, and delivery orders can be managed with the ERP platform. Replenishment of the stock, batch transfers, inventory change, and product management become easier if you are using Odoo.

  • Bill of Material

In an industry involving several components, the management of bills of materials for different products becomes simpler with Odoo support. The bill of material production can be completed just by entering a product, product variety, and contact details. It also supports the user to subcontract the work. Though it can be implemented as a single component, its effective integration with the other Odoo modules in the paint industry will give the manufacturer amazing results. 

  • Products and price management

An industry with a wide range of products of different quality and quantity, Odoo ERP helps the paint manufacturing industries to manage products and product variants. The efficient system to manage products and their attributes helps the business to manage prices for every product. A user can add price details per unit at the time of product creation. The prices can be edited and updated based on the changes introduced by the company. As the Odoo ERP platform supports the management of product variants, the price for different variants can also be set. Such micro-level management ensures cent percentage precision in your overall calculation and control of the business.

  • Quality Control system

The quality of the product actually defines the quality of the manufacturer. Now, the best offer here is to strengthen product quality assurance with the best ERP. The cloud-based ERP solution can help users to create quality points and manage quality checks. The generation of quality alerts can also be managed with ERP support. It helps you manage a quality team and entrust them with the responsibility to check quality at different manufacturing levels. Quality management at work centers and packing centers can also be monitored and assured with ERP management.


  • Forecast inventory and Plan Production

Scheduling the work and planning production can be done by gene rating the inventory forecast at the ripe time. The report helps you to get an idea of the existing stock availability and plan production accordingly. Scheduling the production activities based on the market demand also is possible with ERP support. It makes it possible to plan production for a week, a month, or for a year and manage work hours and workforce to meet the requirement with Odoo.

  • Manage accounts and invoice

Finance management is the toughest job for every Industry, and so is the Paint Manufacturing Industry. Even a small entrepreneur in the field will have to be familiar with multi-tasking in a highly competitive and hectic environment. Sales across borders and raw material purchases from the international market force the business to plan budget and operations in the perfect way to ensure financial gain. Invoice generation, audit management, ledger balance, and journal entries also get quicker with ERP software.

  • Employee Management

How important is employee management for the paint industry? 

Like other industries, the Paint industry also requires a system to manage working hours, shifts, and leave of employees. Odoo which can easily integrate HRMS with other modules is sure to benefit your business. Though the procedure is almost the same in almost all the Industry, the right selection of personalized ERP makes the paint industry the perfect workplace for the labor force.

  • Report generation

An open window to see your business directly and assess it on a fast track is what Odoo promises for your paint industry. It can help you evaluate the performance of every wing of your business with the help of visualized reports. Employee performance, work center utilization, manufacturing order, and sale activities can be managed with the ERP system. Understanding the performance levels helps the business to plan future operations more cautiously and effectively. Odoo ERP for the Paint manufacturing Industries is thus sure to help you boost your business realm with unparalleled support.


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