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Best ERP software for Poultry Business – Chicken farm | Odoo ERP For Poultry Farming

To those who are really excited of having an equally profitable and enterprising farm venture in support of the food industry, ERP for Poultry Farming is certainly a lucrative option. Gone are the days when the rural farmers alone explored the domestic business the traditional way with a humble investment. Believe it, the fast evolving technology in the Poultry industry and the innovative business idea are now redefining its scope to an unparalleled height, where the software industry too walks shoulder-to-shoulder along with the progressive entrepreneurs.

The biggest advantage of having an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for food industry is that it can optimise the functioning and produce substantial results to meet the biz goals and profit targets. Poultry being one of the most sought after components in the area, it can ensure proper control or monitoring over various phases of business such as rearing, processing measures, temperature monitoring, controlling and accurate information tracking.

Benefits of Odoo ERP Poultry Software 

  • Hatchery management

It is one of the key areas to be taken care of while dealing with Poultry Farming, where brooding and growing management deserves bigger attention. There are independent hatcheries and those associated with the large scale processing units. Whatever be the format, the use of an appropriate ERP systems to manage the statistics will streamline its functioning.

Let it be the accuracy in hatching the required number of birds, or the dispatching of the ordered stock from the place. There can be even in different divisions in a hatchery where one may have to meet the requirements of those who seek the product for food industry or to cater the need of ornamental ventures. The appropriate classification of the stock is easily possible through ODOO ERP Poultry.

  • Feed management

An easy calculation and procurement of feed required for the daily functioning of poultry units is possible through Odoo ERP Software for Poultry Farming. As poultry industrialists are closely in touch with the suppliers in the area, they can smoothen the process by placing the timely order, timely procurement and smooth stock management.

The total quantity procured, or the quantity required to be purchased can be measured without any difficulty which actually help the entrepreneurs to optimise the expenses. Those who successfully integrate an ERP can also put the order in an effortless way to the clients and address the daily requirements.  The weight management part of the stock as well becomes an easy task.

  • Farm activity management and Traceability

The daily functioning of the chicken farm can be made systematic with the Odoo Poultry ERP Software, where a proper schedule is set in place for the hygienic management. It can be related to the supply of feed, supply of nutritious supplements, health monitoring, and temperature management, checking of proper hygiene or waste management.

The activities to be scheduled or done can be tracked through the tailor-made enterprise resource planning system , ERP, where the manual management process makes a big shift to the automated functioning. Time and expense tracking thus become an easy process assisted with automated reminders and assistive options. Contract Broiler Farm (CBF) management for large scale companies or integrated ventures can equally tap the scope of this ERP for food industry.

  • Control over perishing quantity and Inventory Management

The biggest loss factor in any industry is the perishing stock. In a livestock farming industry which is purely controlled by manual method, the loss arising from such challenges will be huge. Here, the custom ERP software controlled process assures to every prospective entrepreneur a very less loss due to the perishing of stock. Inventory management feature of Odoo makes it possible through the micro-level management of data associated with every step of the process.

The stock feed supplement, availability of stock and movement of stock to different supply chains get monitored with Odoo Inventory. Temperature control and poultry schedule management, timely dispatch of stock, action taken on infections or other similar factors which affect the production. Factors related to the proper labour deployment as well can be ensured to comply with the quality management parameters.


  • Effective waste management

Though waste is treated as assets in modern day industrial concepts, it still emerges as a burden for many in an unplanned industrial set up. Better planning can be done in controlling this crisis with implementing a Customised ERP for Poultry Farming, which can accurately calculate the quantity to be managed and the resources to be invested for avoiding functional hazards in the area. Most of the modern entrepreneurs make use of the best ERP for small business for reducing the waste through an optimised production process.

  • It can even begin with the intelligent procurement of feed and other perishable materials for the project.
  • It can facilitate the timely despatch of the ripe stock.
  • It can minimalize the perishing of stock lacking proper supplements or other flaws in quality control.
  • Quality control

The concept of quality becomes a reality through the step-by-step management of the whole poultry production and dispatch process. It begins with the selection of the best quality as raw material for the poultry farms. A major task ends with the timely delivery of the stock to the associated clients. In between, one will have to have a micro-level monitoring capacity to oversee the requirements at various stages.

Any slip in meeting the quality parameters can actually uproot the venture itself as modern industries in the food industry are stringent to their norms. Quality control measures thus constitute a laborious task, which needs proper assistance of a software like Odoo ERP to excel or attain the desired results. Even a minor slip in the procurement of quality food, medicine or supplements can go against the quality parameters. Even a small mechanical failure can harm the whole quality requirements.

  • Intelligent finance management

Like any other business, the accurate management of finance at different stages of purchase and sales literally keep the poultry industry move on at the right track. The ERP Software-assisted functioning makes it possible to have flawless control over the money that goes into the business and the profit it actually generates to thrive in the venture. Apart from the inventory management, the multi-level accounting requirements complying with the modern tax regimes can be achieved in a trouble-free way through ERP integration.

The ease of having a quick look at all statistics also facilitates better planning for the days to come. It can influence one’s planning for expanding the operations or reduce it to a manageable level for better margins. It can actually help him to optimise the labour resources, supportive facilities and services. For poultry industries with multiple satellite units, the ERP for Poultry Farming  functions as a single point console, where everything related to the funding comes handy.


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