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September 21, 2020

Communication is the primary system that links a society in its multi-faceted functions. So is the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication companies connect the entire world with cables, airwaves, or wireless support. Be it internet communication, mobile phone communication, or any other machine-mode-supported communication, our Telecommunication industries assume key players’ roles. In short, it helps the world to stay connected.

Why ERP Software for Telecom Industry?

Communication is getting faster and faster every day. To ensure speed and momentum, it should set aside the traditional methods of operation. Enterprise Resource Planning software can help the Telecom Industry stand out in quick service delivery and non-stop network. It can also give you a speedy complaint redressing mechanism and help you introduce special offers for trusted customers.

Significance of Odoo ERP

Odoo offers the best integration support. With frequent updating of the software and software enhancement, Odoo ensures customer satisfaction. It gives you the most secure platform to store customer databases and other documents. The support of Open Source software promises user-friendly working modules for both telecom company employees and others. 

  • Customer Management 

ERP Software for Telecom Industry gives you an online platform that can manage the credit history of the customers. It can bring you the client’s history. Odoo being an open-source software solution, can help you document and analyze customer preferences and use style. The e-platform can help this industry access and manage customer history and documents from anywhere. Odoo also ensures a secure platform to store customer documents and personal details. 

  • Effective Billing System

Bill generation and management are the most challenging tasks in the telecom industry. Enterprise Resource Planning tools can give you a painless solution for recording data usage details and preparing the bill for the customers. It will also help telecom companies efficiently manage customer details and integrate the details while billing. Timely mail communication to alert the consumer about the billing details makes it customer-friendly.

  •  Efficient Asset Management 

What makes Odoo the best ERP for asset management?

Odoo helps the Telecommunications Industry to list all assets used by the employees and the industry. Timely maintenance of the asset, the documentation of assets distributed to the employees, and repair works’ details can be organized with an ERP solution. Implementing ERP software will help you avoid all manual paperwork and promote paperless operation in the industry; this also avoids unnecessary expenses. 

  • Resource Management

Effective utilization of resources can surely help you improve productivity. It will give support to reduce expenses. Wastage of resources also offers profitability. The ERP platform can ensure proper documentation of the resources. It can ensure maximum utilization of the resources. The capacity improvement tactics can be sorted out with the support of the ERP. It also offers the best customer service system with resources.

  • Service Management

The success of the telecom industry depends upon the service management capability of the firm. Custom ERP software for Telecom Industry can be the best choice for the telecom sector as it can offer special features for service management. Service requests can be registered automatically. It can be diverted to service-providing teams. The categorization of the service requests based on locality and complaint nature makes it easier to allow the work to different teams. The progress of service requests and the settlement of the request can be managed with the ERP platform.

  • Regulatory System Management

A tailor-made ERP Software can help you comply with various laws related to the Telecom industry. Managing compliance conditions and license management can be streamlined. Renewal alerts can be raised using this software support. Research and documentation management becomes easy here. Policy document updating and other works also will be simple with the software solution. It will help you tackle possible legal complications.  

  • Human Resource Management

Ever thought of trouble-free handling of your employees and their needs?

Manage employees operating in different locations in the most effective way by implementing this ERP. The best ERP consultants can help you manage employees by monitoring their work. Leave management, working hours management, shift scheduling, and insurance management get well organized with Odoo ERP. Performance reviews of the employees and their salary management can be done with no trouble with the ERP system. Thus, effective work hour calculation plays an important role in improving the productivity of employees.


  • Quality Assurance

I can assure uninterrupted communication facilities at a low rate with Odoo support. The software solution offers quality checkpoints and quality control points to review service quality. The service industry’s quality depends on speedy response, uninterrupted supply of network, and timely service delivery. All these quality parameters can be addressed with ERP software for Telecom Industry. It also helps you improve billing quality and generate quality quotes. Thus, it will engage you in business with other groups. 

  • Sales Management

Odoo ERP system can help you manage marketing. It will simplify the management of the sales team and monitor their operations using the internet. The distribution of employees to different localities to enhance supply chain management is the best service of Enterprise Resource Planning Software. It will help the company cope with market dynamics and improve its sales rate and growth rate.

  • Ensure Integration of Operation

The Telecom industry, which is spread across different territories, finds it difficult to integrate operations without a software system’s support. ERP platform offers support for integrating the operations of multiple units and controlling different operations. It can save you time and make monitoring all aspects of the service industry effortless. From human resources to finance, all department wings can be operated easily once you adopt the technology.


Bassam Infotech Automation and ERP help not only help you speed up operations but also supports you to manage expenses, finance, and develop new marketing strategies. The report generation feature helps to forecast the market and effectively plan business. It also offers you support to improve your sales and service, customer relation, and service quality. Options are plenty, and you are smart enough to make the right choice.


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