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Erp for Textiles and Apparel Industry | Manufacturing ERP | Best Apparel ERP | Benefits of ERP in Textile Industry

Odoo Open Source Software offers the Best ERP integration Technology for the Textiles and Apparel Industry. It comes from one of the oldest manufacturing industries in the world. From the purchase of harvested cotton to the product delivery come under a single network with the Odoo software solution.

Here, breaking down of cotton bales into large clumps of fiber or spinning to make yarn can be synchronized without difficulty. The weaving of clothes, dyeing and printing of different textures, quality check process and the validation of the final product can be smoother. Odoo being a cloud-based ERP application assures fast solution. It’s fit for all automation management which can be a worry otherwise in the Textiles and Apparel Industry. From the preparation of raw materials to the stitching of exclusive designer clothes, everything can be organized. With the help of a computer or mobile phone, one can feel the ease of this ERP.

Quick access data regarding raw material procurement from the cotton farmers is one of the highlights. Manufacturing order collection or work order management can be made easy. It can also assist the employee arrangement, work schedule and working hour management. With this, inventory management and delivery come under a single application. Automated data generation also helps to plan for the future.

Advantages of Erp for Textiles and Apparel Industry

  • Manage Manufacturing Orders for Textiles Product
  • Work Order Management
  • Manage the Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Forecast Seasonal Demands
  • Work Centre Capacity and Schedule Plan
  • Quality Control
  • Repair Management
  • Invoicing for Textiles Industry
  • Multiple Warehouse management

Read all the advantages briefly here

  • Manage Manufacturing Orders for Textile Product

With Odoo, one can Supervise and handle manufacturing order with ease. Getting orders from retailers or allotting to different work centres will no more trouble the job. Categorization of manufacturing order and coordination of order from different places are made quick with ODOO. 

Sorting available data and prioritizing the data becomes a cool game with Odoo. It helps the Textiles and Apparel Industry to manage the manufacturing order and prepare manufacturing schedule. Timely production and distribution get automated with this e-platform.

  • Work order management

Plan work orders as smooth as silk by calculating the work hours. One can calculate the work hour and workforce participation based on manufacturing order. A proper assessment of work centre capacity and labour capacity of workers ensures a comprehensive work order management system.

In Apparel industry, with several processing steps, can complete all the tasks with a few clicks with ERP implementation. It helps to transfer work orders to different work centres for speedy completion. Approval for work orders and step-by-step process also becomes simple.

  • Manage the Bill of Materials (BOM)

It ensures the quality of all components and raw materials used in the Textiles and Apparel Industry. A detailed description of the raw materials ensures product quality. The components for products are fixed automatically based on the quality and pricing of the final product. BOM frees human resources from the quantitative and qualitative calculation of components required for completing each order.

 Subcontracting for raw materials and routing for manufacturing by-products from scrap materials can also be managed with the support of ERP implementers. Every step of the process falls, and the quality of raw material can be assessed before pricing the product.

  • Forecast Seasonal Demands

Fashion and season decide sale in the Textile and Apparel Industry. After a successful ERP implementation, the Industry can forecast seasonal trends and fashion requirements based on past data or manufacturing history.

Plan better to meet the demand from retailers across the globe. In the textiles and apparel industry, the demand is completely dependent on seasons. Clothing suitable for summer, winter and monsoon can be planned by keeping the right track of seasonal changes across the globe.

  • Work Centre Capacity and Schedule Plan

One can automate the calculation of work centre capacity in proportionate to the total work hours. The availability of raw materials and the minimum required speed to complete the manufacturing order also get auto-calculated with Odoo smart features.

ERP system also enables the scheduling of work hours, shift hours of employees and planning the deadline for production activity. It helps ensure optimum utilization of work centre capacity. Avoid production and distribution delay with ERP integration as it helps to plan all activities in the most effective manner.


  • Quality Control

Ensure a long-lasting customer relationship by supplying quality products. Quality control mechanism assures the updating of quality control points. It supports quality checks at different levels of production.  

Quality is assured from yearning to spinning and weaving to printing. It can assist the process of dying and storage to packaging with the best Erp for Apparel industry. The quality of cotton, chemicals and dying materials come under the purview of quality control. Thus, the major areas of productions get under a single console. 

  • Repair Management

Mend all machinery involved in the Textiles and Apparel Industry without delay with automated repair alert support. Timely repair and maintenance become easy. With this, request to address technical errors and auto-generation of approval for request come under the Odoo Erp for Textiles and Apparel Industry. It helps the business group to subcontract the repair work if in house repair work is insufficient. Managing AMC with machine manufacturers is made possible. It also facilitates real-time monitoring of the working condition of the machines. These features will be available only with a custom-made ERP supported by Odoo.

Prepare invoice with all minute details. It can include taxes, the price per unit of measure and shipment with the e-application. Supply chain network management with an invoice and better tracking of products and shipment is also made easy with a professional invoice.

  • Multiple Warehouse management

WMS of Odoo enables the operation of warehouses located at different places. Top ERP solutions make shelving of products based on variants, pest control mechanism at the warehouse and smooth movement of stock and analyzing sale records and order documents possible in a systematized manner.

Odoo perfectly integrates different modules. It can meet all requirements in the Textile and Apparel Industry. Weave a network with Bassam Infotech, the Best ODOO partner in Saudi Arabia to make report generation and data analysis an easy job. Jobs like CRM, sales and supply chain management, availability of flexible master data and optional routing facility gets smarter. Quick management of by-products and sale of partly processed components gets simpler with the wisely chosen Odoo solution.

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