Odoo ERP Implementation Success Stories in the Middle East

June 15, 2023

Odoo is the leading ERP that helps businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their operations in the Middle East. Small-scale businesses to large enterprises in the Middle East are depending on Odoo to manage Accounts, Invoices, Sales, Purchases, Manufacturing, projects, Human Resources, and Customer Relationships. Building ERP implementation success stories in the Middle East is challenging. The availability of Odoo at an affordable price and expert Odoo Implementation Companies in the Middle East supports the growth of Odoo.

Major businesses in the petrochemical, construction, manpower management, retail, POS, and other businesses choose Odoo. The ease of use and user-friendly features and functionalities have transformed Odoo into the most popular ERP tool in the region.

Odoo fulfills many requirements including stock and inventory management, maintenance and repair management, product and price management, employee, finance, and sale and purchase management. We have a centralized system that offers complete support to bring all operations under one roof, Odoo is the fastest-growing ERP.

Bassam Infotech, a leading Odoo Company in the Middle East

With over 25 years of experience, Bassam Infotech is a leader in the industry. Bassam has branches in Dubai and Saudi Arabia to support operations in the Middle East. Besides, Bassam has offices in USA and India. Unmatched service coupled with affordable price is a promise that Bassam offers to clients.

The Bassam Dubai office has been supporting businesses in the Middle East. Recently, Bassam opened a new office in Saudi Arabia to address the increasing demand for Odoo products.

ERP Implementation Success Stories in the Middle East


The Danube, a retail establishment, implemented Odoo because of the rising need for doorstep delivery. The business could soar and cross boundaries with Odoo. Bassam could also help them complete Odoo Magento integration to coordinate activities. Their business could climb heights as they can now handle delivery teams, procurement, inventory, etc. Odoo Implementation also helps them in transportation, sales, and other aspects of the retail industry.

PetroServe International

PetroServe is a single-point turnkey solution provider. A company that always focuses on client satisfaction depending on the regulatory environment, performance needs, commercial circumstances, and client preferences, Odoo Implementation has helped them a great deal. They can now help their clients function in innovative, more productive, and cost-efficient ways by using Odoo CRM and other modules.

Power Plastics

A leading plastic product manufacturer in UAE, Power Plastic can now manage various operations with a single touch using Odoo ERP. This open-source ERP solution helps the company to manage all manufacturing operations. Besides, it helps to manage the purchase activities of the business. Order management, invoice generation, and inventory management have become efficient in the company with the use of Odoo. Bassam Infotech could help this client enhance all their activities such as customer management, accounts, and stock and production management by efficiently implementing Odoo.

Power Material

A subsidiary of Power Group, Power Building Material is a trading division. From a tiny trade company, Power Building Material has developed into one of Abu Dhabi’s top suppliers of construction supplies. Apart from their planning, efforts, and teamwork, an ERP also played a crucial role in their growth. Odoo implementation by Bassam has helped the team manage the largest selection of sanitary, plumbing, hardware, paints, tools, electrical items, fiberglass materials, manhole covers, and water tanks. Inventory and stock management have also become effortless with Odoo Software.

Atom Alloys

ATOM Alloys have been striving hard to prevent atomic explosions within the fuel storage facilities and vehicles. A centralized control system to monitor all the operations of the company was their priority when they approached us for an ERP. The most efficient player in providing explosion prevention safety solutions for storage, transportation, and distribution of fuel, they were not ready to compromise on the efficiency of the ERP. ATOM designs strong and explosion-free products. Odoo’s implementation has helped them double-check the quality of the products they introduce in the market. Order management, invoice generation, payment, transportation, and stock management have become effortless with Odoo.


The education sector is fast embracing technology for managing all its activities. From e-learning to accounts, employee and fleet management are different functionalities required for a university. Odoo Implementation by Bassam has helped the education giants to manage their courses, fee management, student detail management, etc. It was one of the ERP implementation success stories by Bassam Infotech. Every operation of the University can now be managed from anywhere by the authorities.


AWPRO has sought the support of Bassam to manage an E-Commerce platform. As Odoo is a quick-to-operate and manages website builder tool, it can also support the eCommerce platform efficiently. We could customize Odoo to match their requirements and implement the tool.

Parco Interiors and Parco Kitchens

A business giant, Parco International has many subsidiaries, and their Parco Interiors and Parco Kitchens are satisfied clients of Bassam Infotech. Implementing Odoo has helped them manage many activities. A group of companies, it has restaurants, trading, logistics, real estate, health care, jewelry, and other businesses. Odoo Software, which has a modular structure has strengthened the operations of Parco by reducing manual labor and increasing profit.

Parco Interiors and Parco Kitchens, two concerns of the company are now using Odoo ERP. Bassam could implement the tool to help Parco Interiors and Kitchens manage all their projects and services with ease. Employee and accounts management, client management, and other tasks have also become customized.

Al Sana International

For electrical and industrial supplies, Al Sana needed a tool to manage their products. Product management includes purchase, supply, sale, accounts, inventory, orders, etc. As they wanted an ERP that has multiple modules, we helped them implement Odoo. They can now manage their tasks with a smile.

 Al Mafaza Restaurant

Restaurant management always needs extensive sale management support. Odoo has a point-of-sale module that is only designed for restaurant and shop management. Odoo’s point-of-sale integrated with some other Odoo tools are now enabling them to complete their daily tasks effortlessly.

Bassam has many years of experience in implementing Odoo for various industries in the UAE. If you are interested, contact us.


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