Why choose Bassam Infotech for Odoo ERP Integration?

July 6, 2024

Merging your ERP solution with other applications can take you to greater heights and greater profits. Odoo ERP, being open-source software supports integration in the best way. It allows the developers to mould the Odoo modules in a way that can suit the business needs of individual clients.

Synchronizing eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management, marketing and report generation ensures the smooth progress of the business. You can also facilitate the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and document management with effective Odoo ERP integration. In total, the Odoo tool gives a magic wand to aspiring business persons to widen the horizons of their turf.

What is Odoo ERP Integration?

Odoo ERP integration is the process of merging your preferred Odoo ERP tool with other wanted business applications and tools available in the market. Linking of different applications helps the effective management of business operations with the ease of a single point control. It supports you to track and monitor the input data and ensure improved performance output. Odoo ERP Integration equips you to manage different operations with the same accuracy and promptness.

Why choose Bassam Infotech for Odoo ERP integration

Bassam Infotech is a one-point solution for all your Odoo ERP-related worries with its long years of experience, proficiency and dexterity. Be it the task of implementation, customization or integration, skilled professionals at Bassam Infotech have the finest solution that benefits your organization. Invest with Bassam Infotech to get all-around support for integration and enhancement. We offer you cost-effective, error-free and timely integration support which no other business player can guarantee with confidence.

Bassam Infotech – Best Odoo Partner highlights

Certified Support

With an expert team for Python Coding and Odoo consultation, we offer a complete ERP integration solution with up-to-date technology. On-the-job expertise and ongoing technical training make our team members fit to handle any type of integration operations meeting the expectations of the clients.

Affordable pricing

Don’t worry about the huge pricing for Odoo ERP integration. We are here to offer you cost-effective support too without compromising on quality. The long list of our happy clients attests to the fact and prompts people to just make it the trusted customisation partner.

Customer satisfaction

Bassam Infotech offers enhanced workflow and increased customer satisfaction with Odoo ERP integration. By ensuring efficient business operations with integrated ERP, we free you from all technical glitches by accelerating sales conversions and other operations. Time management and work-hour management get easy with our Integration support. The best ERP tool Odoo integration is sure to help you manage CRM, sales, purchase and finance-related operations.

Advanced optimization

Our expert team members are proficient in different versions of Odoo and trained well to meet the advanced requirements of customers and the industry. With eloquent knowledge of Odoo Modules, its integration avoiding complexities becomes a cool task for the team. Optimized utilisation of Odoo ERP is guaranteed with support for updating and enhancement. Integration for customization offers personalised service to all our clients. 

Stable operations

Partner with us for a long time relationship. With Bassam Infotech, you don’t have to worry about post-integration hurdles as there are many clients who continue to enjoy our uninterrupted service and patronage. We offer you three-month support after Odoo implementation, integration or migration. Our team members will work hand in hand with your employees to examine the performance of your ERP system. The feedback from customers is seriously taken into account for any favourable changes in the system.

Experienced Team

There is nothing but the best service from an experienced team that makes your day. With 24 years of experience in Odoo ERP implementation, our team members are skilled in integrating software applications to meet your needs in the expected way. Our experts will help you create the perfect ERP ecosystem and improve the productivity of your business.

Integration delivery management

Bassam Infotech ensures you manage an integration delivery management system, which can help you to scale heights. All our services, pricing and support services will be included in the contract prepared between the implementer and the client. If you fail to experience it, then the time is up to contact the integration delivery manager for a better deal.

Instant support

Quick response is our main highlight where your queries on any service related to integration are answered on time. Contact us with your queries and we will respond spontaneously. Our support system will be with you for a longer time even after completing the integration and implementation. Such assistance will also reduce the chances of mishandling.

  • We integrate Odoo with any software

Our team members are trained to handle any industry and manage any software applications. Integration of Odoo with E-Commerce, CRM, Electronic Data Interchange and other software applications can be done efficiently with Odoo. We study your requirements and prepare integration to fulfil your demand. Proper assessment and evaluation help a business to understand business operations, practices and requirements.

  • Coherent strategy

Developing a plan for integration improves the chance of success. We always manage a plan for Odoo integration in a step-by-step manner. From assessing demand to maintenance and enhancement, everything comes under our strategic planning.

  • Offer training support

The best results come with the best service and support. Bassam Infotech offers regular training to IT staff and other employees to educate them on the use and maintenance of the ERP tool. Only a committed firm can guarantee such support to the team. 

Odoo Customization

We integrate Odoo to offer you a personalised experience. Picking the right option from the modules apart from using it for operational improvement is guaranteed by our team.

Specialised knowledge

Our team has expertise in different industries and modules. We have gained plenty of Odoo ERP integration experience for manufacturing, education, supply chain, textile, construction, health care, logistics, steel, real estate, cosmetics and other industries. 

Ensures a timeline for implementation

The lagging of integration or implementation is unlikely to affect you once you team up with Bassam Infotech. We maintain a timeline for our operations and complete the tasks within the stipulated time.

Manages detailed estimate

Price management becomes effective when the implementing company offers a detailed estimate. We include all service charges and training charges in the agreement to ensure integration support without crossing the budget limit. We adopt a need-based approach and help you assess your requirements before planning integration.

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