Odoo ERP vs other ERP solutions in the Middle East: A comparative analysis

June 19, 2023

An ERP can decide the success and failure of a business. Hence it is essential to learn about different ERPs. Let us examine how Odoo Implementation will help you in the Middle East compared to other ERP solutions.

Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is an open-source business management program that is highly modular. Its modules perform necessary tasks for the organization. There are two versions of Odoo that users can choose from

Odoo Community: It is free, restricts failures, and does not allow customizations.

Odoo Enterprise Edition: It has several features and can be completely customized. It requires a license.

Odoo functionality largely depends on the hosting component and your requirements. Odoo can be handled on-premises, through SaaS (Odoo online), or through web hosting.

The community, which includes Odoo developers, consultants, partners, and support staff, is also a key component of Odoo. This support system is available to you round-the-clock for help. The Odoo community has also created over 27,000 apps to enhance the efficiency of Odoo ERP. The apps are developed to suit different business operations.

SAP Business One

An acknowledged provider of enterprise resource planning software, SAP is a branch of Xerox’s corporate computer group. The creation of SAP Business One (SBO) in 2002 marked SAP’s entry into the SME market segment. The company has been into selling custom software solutions for large businesses since 1971. SAP created SBO to be their most affordable ERP option. Hence, it requires little customization and is ideal for small to medium-company organizations. SAP Business One can be used for both cloud and on-premises deployment and includes applications to address all business needs from CRM to manufacturing.

Odoo Vs SAP Business One

  • It lacks functionality for shop floor control and long-term planning. Thus, SBO is better suited for small manufacturing than retail or point-of-sale businesses.
  • SBO enjoys a sizable community of value-added resellers with locally designed modules to suit complex production processes. However, the number of users they have is far less compared to Odoo. While Odoo has over 7 million users from over 120 countries, SBO has only over 50,000 customers from 190 countries.
  • Besides, it has only 670+ partners against 2500+ partners of Odoo.


In terms of open-source company management solutions, ERPNext appears to be pretty similar to its other open ERPs. Similar to Odoo, they also have a strong community that uses Python. However, the size of the community is substantially smaller than Odoo. ERPNext’s modular design makes it simpler to customize modules. It lacks functionalities like QR code support, contract management, delivery schedules, freight carrier connection, and automated time tracking. The program is only appropriate for companies with simpler, less complicated activities.

Odoo Vs ERP Next

  • Odoo is suitable for both large- and small-scale industries, whereas ERPNext performs the best in a small-scale setting.
  • Additionally, ERPNext offers somewhat fewer interfaces than Odoo, which allows for larger integrations.
  • In addition, ERPNext’s support community is smaller than Odoo’s. Thus, it lacks Odoo’s global network of subject-matter experts.
  • ERPNext’s supporting capabilities are restricted to web-based, cloud, Windows, and Mac platforms, whereas Odoo beats out the competition with support for Android and iPhone/iPad devices as well.


For mid-sized to large organizations, Oracle NetSuite offers a range of feature-rich cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions.

Netsuite has four main products.

  • NetSuite ERP for financials, supply chain management, and inventory
  • NetSuite CRM
  • NetSuite Commerce
  • NetSuite PSA for project management

Each of these solutions is available separately for purchase. In addition, OneWorld by NetSuite is a unique version of its platform for international corporations. This version of the platform combines all the products to manage corporate branches. It enables the handling of several currencies, multiple accounting standards, tax specifications, etc. Over 300 applications are available through the SuiteApp for NetSuite to meet a variety of user-specific needs. They have 30,000+ app users.

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Odoo Vs NetSuite Erp

  • Both Netsuite and Odoo are ERP programs that may be used on the cloud. However, On-premise hosting is also supported by Odoo to help users operate locally.
  • While the capabilities of Odoo and Netsuite may overlap, Odoo ERP appears to have a little advantage over the others in comparison. Odoo is flexible to work in any manner of business whereas Netsuite’s customization options are constrained.
  • HR management is the fundamental limitation of NetSuite. Odoo has a larger number of modules enabling better customization whereas NetSuite does not have this.
  • The Netsuite module offers some flexibility. However, it does not outweigh the adaptability and customization capabilities of Odoo.
  • Odoo has over 7 million users, which is more than Netsuite, which has just 30,000+ users.

Zoho CRM

Odoo is an ERP tool that has 30+ applications for business management. The platform is accessible online and on smartphones. It runs a cloud-based version. The platform is available on subscription; however, an exemption can be availed if the users are less than 10.

In addition, Zoho CRM is available in four editions, including standard, professional, enterprise, and CRM +.

Odoo Vs Zoho Erp

  • Odoo functions as a complete business management tool that handles all aspects of business operations. In contrast, Zoho CRM has limited functionality compared to Odoo. It only supports operations related to CRM, sales, accounting, and project administration.
  • Zoho CRM cannot be used for complex operations, including those of small businesses. On the other hand, Odoo may be tailored to handle any type of business operation at any size.
  • In contrast, Zoho does not have community support.
  • Odoo has over 27000 in the Odoo community to aid users in running their businesses effectively.
  • Odoo has a community edition that is free and suitable for tiny businesses. Besides, the Odoo enterprise edition is far less expensive compared to Zoho CRM. Odoo Enterprise is suitable for SMEs and big-scale enterprises.

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