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August 22, 2023

Odoo Events is a comprehensive event management platform designed to handle both on-site and online events. With Odoo Events, you can easily organize, publish, promote, and sell tickets for various types of events, such as conferences, webinars, festivals, classes, and charity exhibitions.

The intuitive interface of Odoo Events allows you to manage all aspects of event planning. You can organize calendars, manage speakers, and coordinate event content effortlessly. You can even add a presenter proposal form to your event page, enabling visitors to submit talks and speakers.


Nominations. The validation process for events and presentations can be streamlined, and scheduling them is a breeze with the option to view them in a Gantt view.


Odoo Events provides a visually appealing agenda display directly on your website. Visitors can search, browse, and filter the event schedule by date, location, tags, and speakers. This ensures a seamless experience for attendees to explore the event program.



Selling tickets online

It is made easy by Odoo Events. You can automate the registration and payment process, allowing attendees to register and purchase tickets directly through the event page. Whether you’re organizing a free event or a paid one, you have the flexibility to choose the payment method, including online credit card processing or customer invoicing. You can also define special conditions such as early-bird ticket prices, member perks, and multiple ticket tiers. Managing guest lists and boosting event attendance has never been more convenient.

Get sponsors to come to you                                                                    

 Sell event sponsorship and promote your partners.

Additionally, Odoo Events offer features to attract sponsors. You can sell event sponsorships and effectively promote your partners. Managing sponsors is effortless within Odoo Events, and you can showcase them based on their sponsorship level at the bottom of every event page. Selling sponsorship packages online through Odoo eCommerce is also supported.

To promote your events efficiently, Odoo Events provides powerful marketing tools. You can segment your audience and leverage social media and email marketing to reach the right attendees. Setting up automated email campaigns and personalized content for specific registrant types or segments is a breeze. Moreover, you can create ad-hoc landing pages for different marketing campaigns to optimize conversions.


With Google Analytics integration, you can monitor event analytics every step of the way. Odoo Events automatically track various event interactions, including online cart and checkouts, call-to-actions, and more. This integration provides you with valuable insights and a comprehensive view of your event’s performance.

SEO integration

Furthermore, Odoo Events offers SEO integration, allowing you to increase visibility and attract more attendees. The platform provides ready-to-use SEO tools, including keyword suggestions based on popular search terms on Google. This helps you structure your content strategically and promotes your events effectively.

In summary, Odoo Events is a powerful all-in-one event management platform that simplifies the organization, promotion, and ticket sales for events of any type or scale.

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