Odoo Helpdesk Module | An Overview

May 18, 2022
  • Odoo Helpdesk Module is used for coping with client troubles with an intention of improving efficient customer management and improving customer relations.
  • For example, consider a customer buying a product from an agency. If that specific product needs repair or maintenance work, the customer has to approach the agency. So this is exactly where the help desk module comes in.
  • Customers can contact the help desk and report product issues to the help desk team. The agency assigns distinctive teams to the helpdesk. So it makes them less complicated to understand their issues and clear up them.
  • Other than the troubles, the customer can also file remarks about the product additionally. So let us take a study on the helpdesk module:

Here we can see initially l My Tickets choice. We mark tickets as high priority and urgent. It shows how urgently they need service for their products.

  • Then click on my tickets, and we can see a window like this:

This is a tree view of tickets that may be registered with the service and are displayed in progress, underdevelopment, and at new stages.

  • When we want to register for a ticket, we have to do:

  • Here we will see the customer’s table legs are unbalanced. To resolve this issue, the help desk team assigned here is VIP support and there is a problem with the ticket types listed here. It’s an urgent job. So that’s why here the priority is given to all-stars.
  • Then the product needs repair and service, so here also that is mentioned. So below we will see a description tag and the customer issues, it gave responses etc. in this description tag.
  • Here at the top, there are two button boxes. One is the number of tickets. So right here 5 tickets are registered under the same issue and a button box for the task is also there. So here is only one task in progress.
  • Also, in the helpdesk overview, we can see an option SLA failed. It means that we can view from there the number of tickets that failed.

Here, the warranty of the product is the issue and the assigned help desk team is customer care. Not that urgent. So the priority here given is only two stars. Two days ago was the deadline, and it does not complete the task. So the ticket failed its mission. Also, we can see the performance rate.

  • Let us look at this:

It may consider the overall performance of every crew like this. Today, you can see your goals every day for an average of 7 days. It means the performance in today, on average 7 days and daily target. In this example the daily target for closing the tickets is 1, Each team must close at least one ticket each day, and is 100% satisfied and the success rate is also 100% which the tickets registered to get proper service and the almost daily target is completed and closed by the team.

Creating Helpdesk teams:

  • Let us take a glance at developing a helpdesk crew:

Here, provide a name for the team which is required and also provide the company name. Then you have the option of assignment and visibility. In this, there will be many options, like:

1. Assignment Method: 

They used this approach to assign new tickets that may be registered with the right person. There are three ways to assign a ticket:

1. Manual

2. Random

3. Balanced.

2. Team Visibility:

Select the user for whom this team is displayed. There will be two alternatives. Either the team can select all users or only invited users can give permission to view the helpdesk team.

3. Channels:

Email alias:

  • It facilitates the creation of tickets by emailing.
  • For this, enable the custom email servers’ features in the general settings and show an alias domain. So there will be an option to configure a custom domain.

Website form:

  • We get tickets through an online form.

Live Chat:

  • It helps to get in contact together along with your website teams.

4. Track & Bill Time:


  • It helps to track the time spent on tickets

Time Billing:

  • Bill, the time spent on your tickets to the customers.
  • So this way the helpdesk module helps in customer management in Odoo and those functions help to make the work more efficiently.

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