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Odoo ERP Hrms The Right Tool for Integrated Employee Management | Best HR Software | HR ERP | Payroll ERP

Greeting your professionals the professional way is an art where Odoo Human Resources ERP stands by you with cutting-edge features. Forget the manual way of doing things the moment one steps into your firm or even before you think of hiring them for broadening your operations.

Human Resources and Payroll Management system (hrms) is the core of any HR operation irrespective of the nature of industry, service type or style of functioning. To stay updated with the latest trends, the best hr system on hand is Odoo Human Resource and Payroll ERP Solution, which makes the basic HR activities such as disbursal of salary, calculation of allowances, deductions and other areas related to employee’s welfare a cakewalk for your team with end-to-end automation.

Quick and speedy processing feature makes Odoo HR ERP stands unique amid other platforms. Information about your complete staff, their performance level and details of the target to be achieved can be accessed through a single window, which gives a unique experience for the HR functionaries. This actually meets the complete expectations of an HR department in managing its employees apart from just handling their salaries and other perks.

Role of ERP in Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment and Training

Believe it, one of the noteworthy features of Odoo HR module in ERP is that it can easily bring all different departments under a single roof. It’s quite natural for a company to have multiple divisions for its grass-roots level management activities including in-house purchase, out-door marketing, finance, IT or Communication. Our ERP Application makes appointment an uncomplicated task.

Interview, recruitment and training get easier with Odoo Human Resources Module in ERP.  On-job training and e-learning sessions get automatically updated with Odoo ERP Software.

  • Employee Management

The prime goal of this software is to replace the conventional style of managing the employee resources with the best of our time. The tryst with ink and paper or out-dated software ends the moment one signs up with the Customized Odoo Human Resources ERP.


  • Payroll and Payment Management

The payroll calculation, which is a monthly affair for the HR wing by consuming its large hours, will naturally become an auto-mated process where human effort is reduced to a great extent. Zero errors in calculations, quick tracking of inconsistent data and secure management of employee resources come as additional features.

In the era of GST and other complicated calculations related to the Income Tax Department, the optimum use of customized software contributes a lot to the successful functioning of HR wing. With the best Odoo Human Resources and Payroll ERP Software, the generation of salary slip, which is a monthly affair for all companies, becomes a simple exercise. What Odoo ERP promises is the generation of a perfect slip through which an employee can easily go through the break-up.  For HR managers, addressing queries related to salary or its break-up figures will be a trouble-free experience.

  • Leave and attendance management

Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo partner, helps you manage leave and attendance of all employees of different department with a click. Leave encashment and resource balancing in each department becomes simpler with Odoo Human Resources and Payroll ERP Software. With our best hr management software, you are transforming them into a single entity under your HR Department for effective management.


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