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August 3, 2020

Inch-perfect and precise estimation is the success mantra of a project. Our Best Odoo Project Cost Management ERP Application lets you crank up the accuracy level of project costing and ensure a safe margin in the business.

Odoo Job Contracting or Odoo Project Cost Management ERP helps to split up the major project into small segments. Our Odoo ERP Application helps you splinter the project cost into smaller units and prepare estimates accurately.

In the electronic era, Odoo ERP enables to trace all expenses and prevent wastage of money. Bring cost under control with real-time monitoring of estimated cost and actual cost. The strategic purchase of every material and labour management are easy as pie.

Best Odoo Project Cost Management Software Features

Estimate preparation

Half work is done when the preparation of an accurate estimate begins. Detailed cost breakdown of the expenses turns helpful in managing the cost step by step.

Automated cost budgeting and cost comparison by the Best Odoo ERP enables cost containment the best way. Odoo Job contracting assists you to identify if the dead cat bounce and plan accordingly.


Regularly reviewing the expenditure and comparing actual cost and estimated cost give insights to prevent cost escalation. Real-time review lends a hand to stop your project from bleeding money and rectify the underlying reasons.

Fixes cost, and variable expenses come under control when you are using the Odoo Project Cost Management ERP prepared by the Best Odoo Partner Company. Our Customized Odoo ERP gives you an upper hand in prioritizing the work and implementing the project perfectly.

Material Cost management

The growth of a company is decided the way the material flow and expense is managed. Odoo Project Cost Management ERP Application lets you calculate the price of materials and estimate the expected price escalation during the contract period. Preparing a contract with accurate detailing into the appreciation of material cost ensures better coordination with the client.

Purchase of material and storage, foreseeing price increase, could also set the seal on safe margin. The Best Odoo Implementation Company, Bassam Infotech, offers better financial security with a perfect estimate.


Labour Cost Management

Avoid inaccurate cost estimates and cost escalation due to work lag. Pre-plan labour charge increase and include everything in the first estimate. Plan the project the best way with our Odoo Job Contracting ERP. Client satisfaction with quick completion of the project also can be assured by better labour force planning.

Overheads management

Efficient overhead management will be effortless with the Best Odoo ERP Company in Middle East and India. Just embrace our Odoo Project costing and regulate miscellaneous expenses. Chuck out reservations about fresh suggestions by the client, payment of taxes and other unexpected charges, Odoo ERP Application has a quick solution for all project costing related worries.

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