Benefits of Open Source ERP

January 1, 2022

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software suite that helps to manage various operations of a company. Odoo Open source ERP software can help a company streamline operations, find weak points, maximize the profit of the company, manage customers, and generate reports and financial statements. ERP Software helps to integrate various departments in a company for efficient workforce and resource utilization.

There are many ERPs available with various features and functionalities. Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, Netsuite, Oracle, etc., are a few major players in the ERP sector. Most of the popular ERPs out there in the market are proprietary (closed source). The companies can use proprietary ERPs, but the amount of customization that can be done is limited. And the customer will not have access to the software’s source code. The customer can only implement such ERP with the help of ERP vendors and can’t do the same using freelance or in-house developers.

That’s where the free and open source ERPs come into play. As the name suggests, Odoo’s open-source ERP Software publicly shares the source code of the ERP. This enables the customer to do customizations to the ERP on his own. The customer has complete access to the source code, ensuring that he is not tied to a single vendor for implementation or support. If the customer is not happy with the ERP partner, he can easily look for another partner to fulfill his needs.

Odoo Open Source ERP

Odoo Open source ERPs or software has various advantages. Most open-source software has thriving communities that can help you clear your queries or ask for support. If you face any issues with implementing process flow. The transparency of open source software can give you peace of mind. That the code is peer-reviewed and can ensure transparency. Freedom from the lock-in, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are other factors. As mentioned above, since the community thoroughly reviews the code, considered Odoo’s open source ERP is more secure.

Odoo is an ERP software that has two versions. The community version of Odoo is an open source and is publicly hosted on GitHub. It built the enterprise version of Odoo on top of the community version and has a subscription charge. The customer will still have access to the source code, but he has to pay a monthly charge when using the enterprise version. So Odoo basically has an open-core model. Even though the enterprise version is not “open source” per se, the community version is more than enough for most companies. Even if you opt for the enterprise version, you are still in charge of the source code, and you can make changes as per your needs.

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