February 7, 2022

Gone are the days when Point-of-Sale, also termed as PoS, was considered as a mere counter with a cash register where customers hand over cash for goods and services. As technology advanced, PoS has evolved from a place with simple cash registers to one that manages sales, customer experience, promotional offers, and other operational processes.

In recent years, PoS solutions have constantly been evolving to keep pace with today’s increasingly demanding and well-informed consumers. In today’s competitive world, PoS has evolved far beyond just being a payment and accounting system to become a point of sale and a point of service, which includes individualized interactions that consistently gratify their customers.

Thus the operation of a retail store includes a range of administrative, management and marketing skills along with regular stock updates and accounting transactions.

All these features can be simplified …all thanks to Odoo. Odoo Point of Sale is based on a simple, user-friendly and smart interface that is extremely flexible. Any retail company can configure it according to their precise needs and use it without difficulty. This can be accessed with any device and works online or offline. 

Odoo PoS application is fully integrated with the Inventory and the Accounting modules. Thus, all the transactions with the PoS will be reflected automatically in your stock along with the accounting transactions. You can even manage your customers with Odoo CRM module, which can be integrated with the same.

PoS requirements for hotel management will be different as compared to that of a retail shop. But thanks to Odoo, the PoS module has an inbuilt feature to configure it separately for the operations of a restaurant or a shop.

Product Configuration

To make a certain product available in the PoS session, you can enable the ‘Available in PoS’ option in the Product Master.

Product Configuration

Payment Terminals

Odoo PoS can be integrated with various payment terminals. This can be selected from the PoS Configuration menu.

Payment Terminals

Payment Methods

Companies can create different payment methods according to their requirements.

Payment Methods

Details such as payment method name, intermediary account, cash journal, company details etc., can be saved.

odoo payment Methods

After completing the above steps, the required payment methods can be selected from the PoS Settings.

odoo pos

PoS Sessions

The next step is to open a PoS Session. This can be done from the dashboard itself by clicking on the ‘New Session’ button.

PoS Sessions

You can specify whether the PoS Session is for retail shops or particularly for restaurants or bars. Additionally, there are many options, such as PoS interface settings, connected devices, invoicing options, etc., that can be enabled according to one’s requirements.

PoS Screen

Odoo provides an easy to use and flexible PoS Screen or the PoS interface.

PoS Screen

Once an order is completed, you can register the payment. Select the required payment method, enter the received amount, and validate the payment.

Barcode scanning

In recent times, most retail shops are equipped with a barcode scanner, which eventually improves efficiency and saves a lot of time compared to manual entry of products into the system.

Odoo’s PoS Session can be integrated with a barcode scanner device simply by activating the option in the PoS Session.

Barcode scanning

Barcodes can be added to the products, which can then be used in the PoS interface.

odoo Barcode scanning

Products can then be directly scanned from the PoS interface. 

Register Customers

Registering your customers will give you the ability to grant them various privileges such as discounts, loyalty points etc. You can create a Customer from your Odoo PoS Session by using the customer button.

Register Customers

Register Customers

Invoice from Odoo PoS Interface

Customer invoices can be directly created and also printed from Odoo’s PoS interface. For this, you need to activate the Invoicing option while creating your PoS Session and select the journal where the invoices should be created.

Invoice from PoS Interface

After completing an order and selecting a customer from the PoS Screen, you can directly invoice the customer.

odoo 15

You can also print the invoice if required.

print invoice

Pricing features

Different pricing features such as discounts, loyalty programs and various price lists can be easily incorporated into Odoo PoS. This is of utmost importance to gain the attention of your customers, which will eventually help to increase your revenue.


Odoo has 2 options for applying for a discount. Discounts can be applied manually, or a global discount amount can be specified. In addition, discounts can be applied to a particular product or on the whole order.

The discount button can be accessed from the PoS interface, and you can enter the desired amount.

Pricing features

Global discounts can be activated by enabling it in the PoS Session view.


After this, a new discount button will be added to your PoS interface.

odoo discounts

Loyalty programs

With the help of Odoo’s loyalty programs, you can reward your loyal customers with points, gifts and discounts. Enable the Loyalty Program option in the Odoo PoS Session view to activate this feature.

Loyalty programs

You can create loyalty programs according to your requirements. For example, you can decide if the reward is a discount or a gift, make it specific to some or whole range of your products.

odoo Loyalty programs

After selecting a customer in the PoS Session, you will be able to see the points they will get for the current transaction, and they will be added until they are spent. They can be spent using the ‘Rewards’ button when they have enough points according to the rules defined in the loyalty program.


Close the PoS Session

To close your PoS session, click on the close button on the upper right corner of your screen and confirm and close the session on the dashboard view.

Close the PoS Session

After closing a session, you will be able to see a summary of all payment transactions.

Close the odoo PoS Session


With the help of Odoo’s reporting, you can keep track of all your statistics, which will help you to keep track of your sales.


This can also be accessed directly from the dashboard as well. 

odoo 15 Reporting

In short, implementing an Odoo ERP system can cater to the present and future challenges of your business and enhance the overall performance of the retail business by controlling and monitoring the entire workflow at once with real-time tracking, which will eventually increase your revenue outcome.

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