How Odoo ERP can Help with Project Management in the Middle East?

May 25, 2023

Managing a project is an important task for a company. Before going ahead with how Odoo ERP can help project managers in the Middle East, we need to ask a few questions to ourselves. Let us look at those questions.

How does a company grow? A company grows when the company wins more projects and successfully delivers the completed project to the client. How can a company effectively complete a project?

Proper planning, regular monitoring of work progress, and efficient teamwork can help a company complete a task effectively.

What helps a company to ensure project surveillance?

An ERP tool having project management support can help a business form a project team and communicate with the team. ERP also supports a business to monitor the progress of the project and review the project before delivering the finished project to a client.

How can Odoo Project Management ERP help your businesses in the Middle East?

Odoo project management tool is a dedicated tool for managing projects. It supports the business to carry out many operations in a systematic manner and complete the work on time. Besides, Odoo Project can be integrated with other Odoo modules such as Accounts, Marketing, HR, etc. Hence, the company can streamline the operations of different departments and manage all activities together.

As we have found answers to these questions, we can now go ahead with the specifications of the Odoo Project Management tool.

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Why choose Odoo ERP for project management in the Middle East?

Odoo Project offers agile project management support to the users from Middle East. Similarly, it is easy to use the tool and systematize all the operations. Odoo Implementation has many advantages. Some of them are listed below:

Modern Interface

Having a modern interface, Odoo helps users to manage all operations effortlessly. A business manager or head can manage multiple projects using this tool. The manager can also create different teams to manage different projects. Odoo also supports the creation of different tasks and assigns the tasks to different employees. The manager can monitor the progress of the tasks and get an overview of the project.

The dashboard of Odoo is highly customized to help the users. It helps to organize all the work in an orderly manner. This modern interface of Odoo helps to:

  • Organize all tasks and get a clear and quick overview of all the tasks and projects
  • Schedule the tasks and sub-tasks and assign the tasks to team members. Hence, it enables the managers to monitor whether the assigned tasks are completed on time.
  • Plan the project and allocate the required time for every task. Thus, the users can plan the time required for the projects, the number of team members needed, etc.
  • Analyzing the project progress and giving instructions to team members to enhance the project work is also possible with Odoo.

Identify the resources and project requirements 

Odoo supports identifying all your available resources considering the availability of employees. While preparing a team for a particular project, the manager will get a clear idea of the availability of the employees. It is simple to check the number of employees involved in other projects and several of them have requested different leaves. It also helps to calculate the number of holidays and present all the details as an overview to the manager.

Thus, the manager will get a forecast of the estimated time to complete the project. As Odoo gives the estimation based on many factors, the team will complete the project more accurately. Integration with the timesheet helps in accurate estimation.

Information made simple with a visual representation

Odoo has a wonderful user interface that offers an effective view of information. The details of the project, the progress of the project, and other details can be accessed with a simple glance using Odoo. Odoo ERP simplifies all the processes. Similarly, it promises employed coordination as the communication between the employees is proper.

As the project is divided into tasks and sub-tasks and the progress of these can be seen with a single click, it becomes easier for the team members and managers to review the efficiency of each employee. Besides, Odoo Customization enables the users to check the workflow in different patterns.

Enables Discussions

What is the role of discussion in the success of a project? A project becomes a success only if there is proper communication between the team members. Odoo Project enables the team to carry out all the operations after proper communication. The team can remain connected and ensure timely meetings with this ERP. Odoo Scheduling helps the team to schedule meetings and alert all the team members, Besides, group chat, and other facilities in this ERP software guarantee proper tracking of the project and prevent unnecessary project blocks. Using live chat, real-time pad, and chatter also supports communication.

Integration with other Odoo Apps

The major highlight of Odoo ERP is its ability to integrate different Odoo modules with no technical issues. Odoo ERP for project management is a combination of Odoo Sales, Odoo Sign, Odoo Invoicing, Odoo Marketing, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Expenses, etc. This integration helps different departments plan projects and manage project expenses. Besides, Odoo also supports integration with API and Google Docs. Hence, it becomes easier for the users to manage all aspects of the project.

Apart from the above features, Odoo guarantees usability, efficient services, and a quick customer support system. Odoo report generation is one of the key highlights of Project Management ERP.

Odoo Integration and Odoo Customization become effortless with the help of an experienced Odoo partner. Bassam Infotech, a leading Odoo Implementation Company in the Middle East can help you implement the ERP solution. We can also assist you to ensure neat and fast project completion and better customer care.

If you want to know more about the Project Management tool and Odoo ERP, Bassam is always ready to help you.


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