Odoo Project Management Features and Benefits

August 22, 2022

Are you always able to complete your projects without exceeding the financial limit set for the project? It really would be a hard nut to crack for every company engaging in project management to execute the project within the stipulated time, and the stipulated budget. The availability of resources, or the lack thereof, has little impact on the execution of projects. However, we can be sure of one thing. The delay in project execution and exceeding the project cost can ultimately impact the company’s revenue and profit and the business’s credibility.

A project manager is to ensure that a project runs smoothly and that the assignment is completed on time and budget. However, a project manager is not just responsible for deadline management and budget management. He or she is the person who coordinates the team members, schedules tasks, and completes many other tasks. So, the burden of the project manager makes it hard for the persons to accomplish the task in the stipulated period.

Software for Project management will help the business organize all the tasks effectively. Odoo Project management features come to the rescue of the team now. The project management tool in Odoo includes all the tools and functionalities needed to complete the assignment on time. The tool also supports your team in keeping track of the expenses at different levels and ensuring that your tasks are completed without exceeding the budget.

Challenges in Project Management

The failure to set goals determines the project’s success. Instead of setting an unrealistic goal, always plan a realistic goal. Setting up milestones is also necessary to manage your projects efficiently. The objectives will assist the company in properly managing various duties and delegating them to various individuals.

Proper coordination of these tasks also is possible by clearly defining the goals.

 Lack of communication

The absence of multi-directional communication is the most critical issue with the timely execution of a project. Communication with the client should begin at the goal-setting stage. This should improve at all levels and communication between the employees, team members, team and management, and team and client are all essential for the timely execution of the project.

 Unplanned improvisation

Some of your clients may suggest updates frequently. This can be useful to the project but it can also lead to financial problems and delays. It is always better to keep track of the project life cycle and plan the project accordingly.

Budget planning issues

Financial management becomes a tough task if the project stages and financial allocations are not made properly. Cost management becomes easy if the allocation for different stages is planned well and followed strictly.

 Support for risk management is lacking

Always strive to come up with a different plan for your project. Every project will also have different variables and this Plan B helps to complete the task on time. An efficient project management system can also help you complete your tasks quickly.

Odoo Project Management

A project management tool is the best solution for managing all project-related tasks. The ERP solution for project management will help you complete several missions with ease. The project management tool will assist with project planning and scheduling, team cooperation, project budget preparation, time management and tracking, report generation, and performance monitoring.


How Does Odoo Project Management Tool Help You?

  1. Customizable

Odoo allows users to customize all the features and functionalities essential for your project management. Make it simpler to create new projects, rename projects, stage management, and set filters with Odoo. Odoo helps you to customize the Kanban view, use the drag-and-drop facility, and set responsibilities and deadlines.

  1. User-friendly

Odoo facilitates a calendar view of the project and enables you to highlight the project with the help of deadline management in calendars. This ERP tool also assists users in managing multiple projects and organizing sub-tasks. The users can quickly analyze multiple projects and carry out search operations.

  1. Improved communication

Communication is the key to managing the project. Odoo ensures email integration, quick chat support, custom alerts, and activity log management enabling the team to enhance communication. The projects will have separate email alias and the users can send emails to these addresses to create sub-tasks automatically. Real-time collaboration with the team and the client is the highlight of Odoo Project management support.

  1. Enhanced Customer management

Ensure that your customers get quick access to all the details. The customer support system will help your team to generate customer tickets and automate actions. Email integration is a feature that supports communication with customers. The customer gets frequent updates and ensures better relationships and communication. Undoubtedly automatic email generation to update the customer about the confirmation of tickets and customer satisfaction surveys are also possible with Odoo.

  1. Quick Reports

Odoo has a dashboard that makes project management effortless. This helps to filter the activities and ensure profitability. Odoo reports help to generate quick reports on the cost and revenue of all the projects your company manages. The team can get time forecasts and billable hour details with support for project overview.

  1. Time management

The timesheet system of Odoo supports your team in managing all the tasks and keeping track of the performance of the team members. And, Project forecast support also is an added advantage.

  1. Quick integration support

Odoo modules can be integrated with other modules and with third-party applications. Odoo project gets easily integrated with accounting, expenses, and other modules. Besides, it is also possible to integrate the same with a powerful API and Google Docs.

Why Bassam?

Bassam is an experienced Odoo Partner having 24 years of expertise in ERP management. Bassam has teams working in India, UAE, the UK, the USA, and also other places. The experience and expertise of the team in various industries help Bassam ensure you the finely customized and integrated Odoo Project management module that will take you to new heights.

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