Manage Purchase Order Approval in Odoo 17

June 25, 2024

Purchase order approval is the process of restricting the things that employees of a company may purchase. The manager may set a minimum amount for the purchase limit. If the total purchase amount exceeds the limit, the employee must obtain the manager’s consent before validating the purchase order.

You can help stop illegal transactions by making purchase orders subject to approval. You may protect your company’s assets and make sure that only necessary purchases are made by doing this. Buy order approval can also be used to ensure that purchases adhere to company policies. You can set approval limits, such as requiring that all purchases be made for less than a certain amount or from approved merchants. Acceptance of purchase orders may also promote greater transparency in the procurement process.

By requiring purchase orders to be approved, you can monitor who is making purchases, what they are buying, and how much they are spending. This information can be used to identify areas in which buying needs to be enhanced.

The purchasing module dashboard displays a list of purchase orders together with their current status.


Some have reached the “to approve” stage, while others have been confirmed as “purchase orders or RFQs.”

The purchase order approval under the orders session in the configuration settings is required for the Odoo 17 purchase module to use this feature.

After logging in, don’t forget to confirm the user’s access permissions. because the administration alone has the authority to authorize the RFQs.

Assume that there was a company called ABC. It’s a large company with a large staff. The purchasing department of the corporation was in charge of making purchases of goods and services for the company. The buying section was managed by a buying manager named John Smith. John Smith was a busy buying manager and was unable to approve every request for a purchase.

He suggested limiting the authority to approve purchase orders by utilizing access privileges. Working with IT, he effectively integrated the new system. Purchase orders could only be approved by authorized users, increasing productivity and streamlining the approval process.

The user’s access rights can be changed under the General Settings. Administrator and user are the two distinct access rights included in the Odoo 17 buy module.

Log out of the administrator’s session and log back in as Marc demo after modifying the user’s access rights in the purchase module.

The administrator of this company has set a $5,000 purchase order restriction. After logging in, Marc Demo creates an RFQ for $7,019.00. The administrator must approve this order before the user can confirm it.

After the quotation request is approved, the order status is changed to “To Approve.” This means that the administrator has to approve the order for it to be completed.

Log out of the Marc user demo now, and then log in as the administrator.

The authorized state of the quotation status is now visible on the administrator dashboard. Many quotations require approval from the administrator. Finding every quotation in the list is difficult. Eliminating quotations from the “approve” condition will help us achieve that.


The list of accepted quotations is now easily accessible to the administrator.

To allow the administrator to check and approve the details, open the RFQ right away.

Using the “Approve Order” button, the administrator can verify the quotation included in the purchase order.

Right now, the purchase order stage is where it is. The user can now receive the product.

All things considered, Odoo 17’s Purchase Order Approval is a powerful feature that can help you improve the efficiency and administration of your procurement process. If you’re looking for a way to boost purchasing visibility, make sure purchases adhere to corporate policy, or prohibit illicit transactions, purchase order approval is a great option.

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