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October 10, 2022

Employees essential part of an organization or a company. Someone must efficiently management of employee data and reliably in the operation of s company. The skill management module allows users to describe and manage the skills of their employees and operations. Skills Management has an important role in a company. First, install the skills management module from Odoo Apps. After Installation, you can see some new features in the Employee module.

Go to the Employee module you can see a list of new Employees if you want to create a new employee click on CREATE button on the top left corner of the form.

In the normal case, employee modules have the Work information, Private Information, and HR settings tab only. After installing the skill Module you can see an extra tab “Resume” while creating an employee profile to add their resume and skills.

odoo-employee-moduleCreate Resume Details

Under this tab, you can enter employees’ Education details, Experiences, Hobbies, and so forth To create a new Resume entry click on CREATE NEW ENTRY button on the left side of the Resume Tab.

Fill in the required details like Title, Type, Start Date, and End Date on the pop and save the data. Here you can also see different types like Experience, Education, and so forth.


You can add multiple data in the resume tab.


Create Skills | Odoo Skills Management

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Here you can enter employees’ Technical and Non-Technical skills

example, Knowing Languages like English, and Malayalam, etc, and Technical skills like Knowing Coding Languages like Python, and Java, and so forth

To add skills to an employee, click on the CREATE NEW ENTRY button on the right side of the Resume Tab. Click on that button, you will get a popup

odoo-skills-managementHere you can specify skills type, Skill, Skill level, and so forth If you choose Skill level progress will be calculated automatically. Different levels of operation can be assigned to a variety of skill types. And you can also create a new skill type, enter the new skill type in the skill type field, and click on the create button.

odoo-skills-management-typeIt directed to a new Window

Here you can specify the skill name under the skill tab and enter Level and Progress on the level tab .you can enter multiple skills names and Levels.

multiple-skills-names-and-Levels.Corresponding Skills and Levels with be loaded on the Skills and Levels fields.

After adding skills and creating Resume the employee window will be like this

Now you can see employee resume details and Skills from Employee master. It helps to assign tasks based on their skills and get good output and it leads to company growth.


You can also add new resume details or skills details by clicking on the ADD button. When deleting entered data click on the delete option.

enterd-dataIn this Employees module, a Custom filter option is also available. You can also filter employees based on their skills, Education, Experience wise, and so forth.



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