Features Of Social Marketing In Odoo 17

May 21, 2024

Developing brand awareness and generating sales are all possible with the help of social media in today’s business landscape. By breaking down traditional barriers and fostering genuine connections between businesses and consumers, it facilitates direct communication between the two. Companies can use social media to showcase their products, share valuable content, and gather feedback in real-time by using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Businesses can also customize their strategies more effectively with social media insights into market trends and consumer behavior. As companies strive to maintain relevance and compete in today’s dynamic market, harnessing social media is essential to their success. Any type of business can manage and implement social marketing with the Social Marketing module in Odoo 17. It includes Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Multiple accounts and streams can be managed in one place with this module.

Features of social marketing

Feed Menu

Upon opening the Odoo 17 social marketing module, we are presented with the Feeds tab. Using the feeds, you will get a quick snapshot of our social media profiles. Connecting new social media accounts is possible via the “Add Stream” button. With Odoo 17, we can connect to several social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


Let’s now explore how a new stream can be added to social marketing. Please make sure that you are logged into the particular social media platform before adding a stream. Logging into Facebook, and then clicking “Add Stream” is the process for connecting to a Facebook account.


I have added a Facebook page and a YouTube channel as demonstrations. The social media wizard allows you to connect your accounts by selecting social media.


Click on the “New” button to see how to create posts in Odoo.


We can see the different stages of a post, including its draft, schedule, posting, and published state. I have connected two social media accounts, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, in this demonstration. The Facebook posts section is divided into two parts, while the YouTube channels section is split into two parts. Neither of the checkboxes are checked in “Posts on,” indicating the post will be shared on both platforms. Select the platforms you need. As the post title, the “Message” follows.

The option to upload an image to an article can be found under the “Attach Images” section; if this article belongs to a campaign, the option is available to create a new campaign or choose an existing one. Lastly, there is a field “When” that indicates when it is scheduled to post, whether it will post immediately or at a specific time. We have the option of scheduling the post later. This option appears with a new field to enter the desired date and time to post.

The next section is from the YouTube channel. We can start by setting the video title, video description, including paragraphs, hashtags, mentions, etc., and video privacy, such as private, unlisted, or public. Once uploaded, the video should appear in the field “YouTube Video.” Select “Post” once the video has been processed.


Our posts menu contains tools for managing clicks and engagements. The messages, published by, and campaigns of posts can be searched. The Kanban, calendar, list, and pivot views, as well as filtering and grouping options, can be controlled from these views.

Campaign Menu

A social media campaign can be created according to an event, program, or another event to attract more customers to the business. The responsible person, tag selection, and campaign name can be added to a campaign to allow it to be filtered. The “+ Stage” option allows you to add custom stages to the campaign.


Configuration Menu

From here, we can connect to our social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are the platforms to be connected with Odoo. To link to the appropriate social media account, click the Link Account button.


Next, we have Social Accounts, which allows us to manage all the accounts that are connected, and also we can see the details like name, handle / short name, social media, and the responsible person.


These are the features of the Odoo 17 social marketing module which is excellent in managing different types of social media platforms.

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