Choosing the Right Odoo Support Services for Your Business Operations

June 26, 2024

Are you looking for Odoo Support? Prepare a checklist before finalising your Odoo support service provider.

If you are an Odoo user, you will need the assistance of Odoo Support Services at one or the other point of operation. Selecting the right partner for ERP support decides the success of your ERP solution. However, it is essential to check whether the support provider can help you. Try to find answers to the below questions before you proceed with a partner.

Are they official Odoo Partners?

How many years of experience do they have?

What are their areas of specialization?

Do they have an expert team to manage your tasks?

How do they operate?

How long does it take to respond to your service request?

When you look for an ERP support provider, go for a trusted and reliable team that will agree with the business before starting implementation or any other service. Also, do not forget to check the track record of the company as ERP implementation does not end with just implementation but needs training, support and maintenance.

Now let us find out the answers to the above-given questions.

Official Odoo Partner

It is always advisable to depend on an official Odoo partner for any Odoo support and services. Choosing an official Odoo partner ensures the availability of extensive service by experts trained directly by Odoo. Now, who are Odoo’s official partners? Odoo designates certain ERP implementation companies as Official Partners based on the quality of their services. Additionally, the technical and functional team members of these Odoo Partners receive comprehensive training from the Odoo team.

How can you benefit from working with an Official Odoo Partner? The direct link with the official partner and Odoo is the first reason for choosing them for Odoo ERP-related services. Training and support from Odoo equip these teams to handle issues effectively and promptly. Experts from these companies attend weekly update training sessions by Odoo and have complete access to Odoo Enterprise Source Code.

Experience of the Team

Experience is something that can’t be replaced by anything else. The ERP support team has years of experience in handling Odoo ERP for different industries and will be able to offer quick and hassle-free support to your business. Odoo releases new versions every year upgrading existing functionalities and introducing new ones. Only an experienced ERP partner will be able to manage the complexities of this ERP solution.

Areas of Specialization

Some Odoo companies focus only on specific industries. A consultant or implementation team will understand your requirement to its root only if they are experienced in that particular industry. Hands-on experience developing and implementing Odoo ERP for that specific industry enhances their skills for smooth Odoo support.

The expertise of the Team

Knowledge or qualification alone will not ensure quality of service. Instead, the expertise of a person determines the effectiveness of the service offered by the service provider. An Odoo partner, who has expertise in every aspect of Odoo from Odoo consultation to Odoo implementation, training and maintenance guarantees the best service to your company.

Mode of Operation

Are they giving priority to clients? A dedicated ERP partner prioritizes customer satisfaction over monetary gain. If you find such a partner you can ensure bi-directional communication and proper discussions to foster a long-term relationship between the ERP partner and the client.

Quick Support

Whenever a client seeks Odoo support, they will prefer quick support. So, whenever you choose your Odoo support team go for a team capable of delivering quick service. Rapid delivery of services, consultations, and training on-call services will be beneficial for the business to tackle technical and functional issues efficiently. Also, make sure that your ERP partners are capable of providing service round-the-year globally. Quick on-call and in-person assistance are advantageous for businesses.

Key Aspects of Odoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo teams deliver extensive service for Odoo ERP Support and Maintenance. A wide range of issues, including the identification and settling of various technical problems within your company will be handled by the Odoo support team. Besides, you can access extensive support for customization, documentation, bug fixing, and guidance.

Regular Updates: We help you update with the latest features and security patches.

Technical Support: Experience 24/7 assistance to resolve technical issues.

Performance Monitoring: Addresses potential problems by continuously monitoring system performance.

User Training: Continuous training to users to maximize the benefit of the ERP.

Customization and Integration: We personalize the system to meet evolving business needs. Additionally, we help you integrate it with other tools and applications.

Why Choose Bassam Infotech?

Considering experience, expertise or any other aspect, Bassam Infotech is one of the best Odoo ERP Support providers globally. With over 25 years of experience in ERP implementation and customization, Bassam is an ideal choice for businesses. Our presence in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, makes Bassam a global choice for Odoo support.

As an official Odoo partner, Bassam Infotech also offers online and offlineOdoo Support services to our clientele. Experience in different verticals, especially, real estate, education, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, logistics, steel, textiles, cosmetics and field service management, we guarantee quick service.

Team Bassam has over two decades of ERP implementation experience to guide you through ERP integration and implementation. Our team is capable of guiding you to pick the best ERP and integration pattern.

We have an exclusive wing for carrying out training and support to the clientele. Extensive post-implementation support is promised by monitoring usage patterns and offering guidance to optimize the use of ERP tools.

Our expertise will help you in the effective integration of applications, thus enhancing workflow management and benefiting overall business operations. By joining us you can ensure Improved coordination, communication, and documentation processes to manage customers. Additionally, you can manage your employees, and vendor-related documents also in a coordinated way.

If you want to know more, contact us at your convenience. Our team will help you with your queries.

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