Best Odoo ERP Software for Architects | 6 Major Reasons Why Architecture Firms choose Odoo ERP

October 4, 2021

Designing the dream homes or buildings is not a simple process. It requires artistic skills, precision and excellent knowledge. An architect is a person who can understand the imaginations of a client, plans and designs the building. An architect also oversees the construction process.

Architecture firms enhance all the activities from perceiving the vision of the client to the completion of the work. Involving hundreds of employees and workers, the management of an architecture firm is a complicated process. However, effortless and efficient coordination of all activities and employees and finance management ensures the growth of the firm.

Odoo ERP is a resonating name that is prevalent in all industries. Architects or the architecture industry is no different. An architect can efficiently synchronize various tasks and effectively manage projects with an Odoo ERP system.

An architecture firm or a construction firm is a business venture that employs employees and workers in large numbers. What if there is no system for monitoring the working hours of 300 or 500 employees? What if there is no system to calculate the work hours required for completing the task and monitor the work progress? Yes, the business will suffer a setback in the absence of a concrete system to streamline the activities.

Role of an Odoo ERP in the Architecture Industry

Get a comprehensive idea about the working pattern, working hours and efficiency of your employees. An Odoo ERP solution can help you trace the missing links and address your most discomforting situations. Review the progress of the task daily and ensure steps to improve the working pattern. An Odoo ERP system works as a binding force that collaborates various departments’ operations and guarantees significant growth for the business. 

An Odoo ERP solution becomes the best support for an architect if it has a set of functionalities. A well-designed Odoo ERP solution will help the architects to enjoy many benefits.

Odoo, the Best ERP for Architects

Odoo ERP is an ERP solution that can be customized to manage different kinds of business operations. A model ERP will offer a set of benefits to the architects. A few of the benefits are listed below.

Real-Time Tracking of Information:

An ERP system can help business firms to integrate various operations and update the platform. The coordination of multiple tasks ranging from planning and design to sales and construction supports the management. In addition, we can track the operations from anywhere and anytime. 

Compliance with rules and regulations: 

Documentation is a major part of the architecture business. Government approval is required at different stages of planning and construction. An ERP tool can support the business to easily comply with government policies by document management, quality assessment and alert generation. 

One-click control: 

An ERP platform helps the business track accounting, project management, project estimation, employee management, customer relationship management and sales and marketing operations.

Minimal data entry: 

Quick data updating is possible as Odoo ERP ensures auto-updates client details and other information. 


Odoo ERP helps the users to get a glance at the operations and understand the pros and cons of the working pattern. As the management can understand pitfalls the best way, they can prepare the business to adapt to changes. The flexibility of operations is another highlight of the ERP. 

Accounts and finance management: 

Odoo has an efficient accounting module that helps to streamline all financial operations. Bank account management, reconciliation, batch payment and cash flow monitoring are possible with the ERP solution. 

Business Intelligence: 

Understand your business more efficiently with market analysis, forecast of business and accurate reporting. Odoo, the best ERP solution, helps the business to track operations efficiently. 

Why do Architecture Firms choose Odoo ERP ?

Odoo is a complete solution for the effortless management of an architecture firm. With diversified modules and functionalities, Odoo helps the users to manage every operation in the firm. The modular structure enables the users to pick and customize only required modules. The ERP tool with immense scope for integration, Odoo assists the firms to manage customers and employees, systematize orders and projects, control material procurement and cash flow. 

We can list out a few of the major reasons why Odoo is opted by architecture firms.

Project management and estimation

Odoo has a separate module to manage projects. This helps the system to create new projects and manage each step involved in the project. A proper review of the progress of the project is also possible with Odoo. Odoo Project also helps planning, worksheet management and timesheet management.

Customer Relationship Management

Managing the clients is an important task for architecture firms. It is important to maintain proper contact with the clients and update them about the progress of the work. Odoo, with a full-fledged CRM module, helps to manage leads and create opportunities.

Marketing support

Odoo ERP gives special thrust to marketing management. With an efficient support system to manage customer contacts and sale documents, Odoo supports email and SMS marketing. Live Chat is another feature that enhances the marketing operations of the firm. 

Human resources management

Employee management is a tough task for an architecture firm. It becomes difficult for management to track the performance of every employee. But with Odoo, it becomes effortless to manage employee attendance, leave, work hours, work efficiency, shifts and salary.  

Accounting and finance management

Managing cash flow is a complicated task for an architecture firm. The support of an efficient ERP system is essential for easily tracking money flow and documenting the payment details. Journal entry management and payment documentation become effortless with Odoo. 


Odoo generates the report on project progress, cash flow, sales and marketing progress and all other tasks performed by a company. It helps the company to perform in a better way by correcting the mistakes. 

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