Odoo Time Sheet Module Importance in Service Management

August 30, 2022

The importance of the timesheet system is vital and is a major part of the work system Management of time is a crucial element in any kind of business. The Odoo15 ERP system keeps various modules to simplify the tasks related to company operations and effectively manage the precious time of employees. Timesheet is very important to track and keep a record of the time spent by employees on assigned tasks. Recording the time taken to complete an assigned task will help the company ensure accuracy while invoicing billable time to the clients.

The Odoo 15’s Timesheet module will serve as an efficient time management tool. This will track how much time employees spend on assigned projects, clients, meetings, etc. We can integrate the functionalities of the Timesheet module with Project, Employees, and other HR modules.

Odoo Time sheet module

Upon opening the Timesheet module, We will see all recorded timesheets on this platform displayed in a grid. Here is an example of how the window displays the title of various activities by the user, such as projects, tasks, meetings, etc.

my-odoo-time-sheetsIn this module, you can get Timesheets, To Validate, Reporting, and Configuration menus in the main menu bar. You can select a particular week or month to get the details of time spent on each company’s work in that specific week or month. We can view this window in Graphical, Pivot, list, and Kanban views. You are also allowed to use the default and customizable Filters and Group By options on this platform.

The menu contains two sub-menus, which are My Timesheets and All Timesheets. We can see the record of timesheets of the user of the Database in the Timesheets platform. The Grid view of this platform shows all assigned tasks of the user to recorded time. Based on view changes on a weekly and monthly basis. In order to create a new timesheet, you can click on the Start button.

create-a-new-timesheetOdoo will start recording the time by clicking on the Start button as shown in the figure. You can Furthermore get new fields to describe your activity and select projects, and tasks. After you complete the specified activity, you can click on the Stop button to stop the timer and we will configure the recorded time to the corresponding task on the project. And this record will be added to the existing list of tasks as shown.

Odoo allows you to manually record the time taken to complete the task in a project.

We can easily do this with the help of an Add a Line button given below to the list of recorded timesheets. Then the Add a Line button will form you to a pop-up window where you can specify the details of your activity. And the time used on the particular activity to create a new timesheet.

specify-the-details Also, You can specify the Sales Order Item, Date, Project, Task, and Hours Spent in the corresponding fields. We can show additional space in the pop-up window to describe the activity. By clicking the Save button, we add the new timesheet to the module. The manager will get access to the platform for validating all the reported timesheets in the company with the help of the ‘To Validate’ menu. The manager can analyze the list of timesheets from the last week and last month separately in the Timesheets module.


The Reporting feature in the Odoo Time sheet module provides advanced reporting options. That will allow the user to analyze all recorded timesheets based on several criteria. Timesheet Reporting By Employee, all employee timesheets displayed according to their employee categories.

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