The Way Odoo 16 Manages User Logs | Odoo User Types

April 24, 2023
An account log is a record of the user’s activities on a computer or network. These logs may include the actions taken by the Odoo user types, the date and time of those actions, as well as the resources that were accessed. It is common to use user logs for a variety of purposes, including tracking user activity for security, diagnosing technical problems, and identifying usage patterns. 

User Log Manage

    • The purpose of user logs is to ensure security. The ability to track user activity is a key component of identifying suspicious or unusual behavior which shows a potential attack.
    • Users who log in from unusual locations or access resources they don’t normally use can raise red flags that require further investigation. 
    • Logs can also serve as a useful tool for identifying patterns of user behavior. Log data allows one to gain a better understanding of how users interact with the system, and identify areas where inefficiencies or bottlenecks may be occurring.
    • It is possible to use the information provided by the log data for optimizing the system. So, it improves the user experience.
    • We can use the logs for troubleshooting technical problems on top of these practical applications.
    • Users can analyze the log data to determine if the system is experiencing any problems, such as software or hardware errors. Quickly resolving issues and minimizing downtime can be achieved through this approach.

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User Log Details

It maintained a database for the user logs that are recorded by the app ‘User Log Details’. Security reasons require that the administrator has access to these records. 
To find Login Details go to:
  • General Settings >> Users & Companies >> Login Details, which is available to administrators/managers. 

odoo user types

Login details of different Odoo user types

Administrators/managers can see login details, including usernames, IP addresses, times, and dates.
e.g. :
user logs in odoo
Even though user logs can be useful in a range of ways, you should carefully consider the potential privacy
Implications of storing and collecting them. It needs the user’s consent before it collects log details. Security measures may be necessary for their privacy to be protected. A user log is an effective tool for tracking user activity and identifying how systems are being used. It is possible to derive valuable insights. We optimize the performance and security of a system by carefully managing log data. 

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