Odoo Version upgrade | What is Odoo Version Migration? | Benefits of Odoo Migration | Major benefits of Version Upgrade in Odoo | When to Upgrade to a Newer Odoo Version? | Is it mandatory to upgrade to a newer version every year? | We can go for a Version Upgrade to Odoo 14
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When Should We Migrate From Odoo Old Version to Odoo Latest Version | What is Odoo Version Migration? | Odoo 14 Migration

What is Odoo Version Upgrade ?

Migration, in general, is the shift from one platform to a better platform. Odoo ERP Odoo Version Upgrade could be for upgrading the capabilities of the application or for more ease of use.

Migration of software tools is the most common process when a new version of a mobile phone or computer is released. The existing software applications are updated with more advanced features to help the users.

The same way Odoo migration is nothing but upgrading from an older version of Odoo to a newer version. Here, the client upgrades the existing version of Odoo ERP to its Odoo latest version for adding more features and functionalities.

Benefits of Odoo Migration

Odoo Version upgrade / Odoo migration or any other software migration helps the user to enjoy the enhanced performance. The migration of software is an inevitable part of the efficient operation of the business. Migration from an older version to a newer one can help to improve revenue and assure efficiency.

As the ERP companies constantly try to address bugs and security threats, every new version will have more features to fight bugs. In addition, timely updates help the users to ensure debugging and more efficient operation of the software.

Major benefits of Odoo Upgrade are:

  1. Enhanced performance
  2. Efficient debugging
  3. Added security
  4. Improved speed
  5. More features
  6. Robust functionality
  7. More user-friendly
  8. More suitable for a competitive marketplace

When to Upgrade to a Newer Odoo Version?

Like any other software application, updates or version migrations are optional in Odoo. The decision regarding the version upgrade should be taken based on the requirement of your business.

Odoo is a frequently updating ERP. New versions are released every year, adding more features and functionalities to the older version. The features are developed after requirement analysis and industry need review.

Besides, the Odoo team enhances security features and integration support during every version upgrade.

Is it mandatory to upgrade to a newer version every year?

No. It is not mandatory to upgrade from the existing Odoo version to a newer version. The choice is of the user.

Let us take an example: Company A is using Odoo V12 to manage its business operations. If company A is satisfied with the performances and does not find it necessary to migrate to a newer version, then don’t go for an upgrade.

But if you want your ERP to perform with more speed and enjoy all added features, you can upgrade to Odoo 15, the latest version.

We can go for a Version Upgrade to Odoo Newer Version for:

Better user experience

Odoo 14 has added speed to the operations by including more shortcut keys and other options. It gives a better user experience by increasing the efficiency and speed of the ERP solution. The user can save time and hence improve productivity while using this application. Odoo upgrades the ERP every year to compete with other ERP tools available in the market. You can ensure brisk performance in the marketplace compared to competitors only if you upgrade to the newer version and enhance all features.

CRM Automation

Customer Relationship Management becomes easy with an automated CRM. Odoo 14 has more shortcut keys and added features to improve the performance of CRM. Planning of activities and quick interaction with the clients is possible with this application. The user can save valuable time and assure revenue by adopting the new version of Odoo.

CRM forecast is a highlight of Odoo 14. The user can automatically predict the chances of converting a lead into an opportunity. Furthermore, quick access to information regarding the clients and efficiency to follow up on the performance of the salespersons makes it a tool that is easier to manage. Besides, Odoo 14 maintains a log of activities which enables even a fresh salesperson to continue interaction with an old client of the company effortlessly. The user can also ensure the accuracy of the data search. Furthermore, outlook plug-ins in CRM ensure uninterrupted communication with the clients.

New Application

Odoo has introduced a new application in Odoo V 14. The app, Data Cleaning, can be used to avoid de-duplication of data by merging the data or deleting the data. This application is useful for all users as it will help to avoid data congestion and wastage of storage space. However, data duplication also creates confusion.

Updated UI for PoS

Odoo 14 has an updated UI for Point of Sale. The new UI extends support for product configuration effortlessly. In addition, it will help the users to mark the parent category of the product easily.

PoS in Odoo are supported by receipt by email feature. The customers can get bills through email, establishing a paper-free transition.

Advanced Website Builder support

If you are a website building company or an eCommerce firm looking for the latest features for website improvement, it is time for you to migrate to Odoo 14. A more effective website in a short period is a guarantee that Odoo 14 offers. Odoo has included many additional features in the website builder to match the features of the finest building applications in the market. Count down snippets, and other features can give you ample scope for website development.

Access to To-Do List

Are you worried about missing out on sales opportunities? Do your salespersons forget to attend to some of the leads? Then it is time to upgrade to Odoo Latest Version. The latest version of Odoo helps salespersons to focus on sales. To-Do lists can be generated and managed daily to ensure the follow up on all the leads.

The decision regarding the Odoo migration should be based on the requirement of the user. Every version release comes with a set of added features. Apart from the above-mentioned features, Odoo 14 offers a spreadsheet reporting feature for budget and expenses management. An expense dashboard is another feature that can help the user to get a quick view of the expenses. Purchase dashboard to get a quick view of purchase orders and deadline, forecast feature for better business planning, Smiley widget for ease of communication and enhanced inventory support are the highlights of Odoo 14.

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