Odoo Vs Zoho | How to pick the most efficient CRM solution for your company? 

October 11, 2021

ERP or CRM, it is necessary to carry out proper review and analysis before the final selection of the tool. The performance analysis of many CRM tools can help you find out the best tool for your business. ERP and CRM platforms are essential for the growth of a business. The customer is a central power for business development. Proper customer management is required to ensure customer satisfaction and customer support. 

In this blog, we can compare the Pros and Cons of Odoo CRM and Zoho CRM | Odoo Vs Zoho

A CRM platform can streamline sales operations to boost the growth of your business by improving customer relationships. A well-designed CRM helps us to ensure improved interactions with the customers and potential customers. It helps us to enhance our bonding with the existing customers. Improved strategies for customer retention and the addition of more potential customers to the customer network are essential for added CRM support.

Significance of CRM tools

  • The improved bottom line for enhanced lead conversion
  • Increased sale productivity
  • Improved sales
  • Increase in revenue generation
  • Quick support for decision making
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management software, Odoo and Zoho are two leading CRM providers.

Let us first check the features of Zoho CRM

A company founded in 1996, the initial name of Zoho was AdventNet. It was in 2009 that AdventNet changed its name to Zoho and started focusing on SaaS services. 

What is Zoho?

We can call Zoho business application software that offers more than 30 apps to manage various business operations of a company. 

Zoho is available only on the cloud platform. Zoho offers apps that can be integrated completely. This mobile-friendly application eases to control business with ease. Zoho CRM comes in four different versions. They are standard, professional, enterprise and CRM plus.

Advantages of Zoho

  • The Zoho platform can be used with no charges if the number of users is less than 10.
  • The professional edition of Zoho has 15+ million users
  • They have 3500 employees
  • The ERP development work is controlled from 6 offices

Now we can check the Features of Zoho in detail.

A private software, Zoho, requires a license if more than ten persons use the software application. This software solution assures products for managing expenses, invoices, office management, etc. We can use this tool for managing leads and for ensuring sales force automation.  

This application helps the users to manage forecasts and allows gamification options. Sales quote management, and rewarding badge management are possible with Zoho. 

Different versions of Zoho offers free support to a limited number of users. Zoho CRM is free for up to three persons using the Free Edition. This is a disadvantage when compared to the free support provided by open-source ERP solutions. 

The lower number of applications and limited development works are the major setbacks of this otherwise efficient application. 

What is Odoo?

A suite of business software applications, the initial name of Odoo was TinyERP. Fabien Pinckaers launched the initial form of Odoo in 2005. The name of the company was changed to Open ERP in 2010. Later, in 2014, it was named Odoo and grew. By 2021, Odoo has become a company with a 5 million customer base 2021. 

Open-source software, Odoo is available in Enterprise and Community Editions. Odoo also possesses Odoo Online, a cloud supported version for users who prefer cloud support for server management. 

Odoo is a modular ERP and offers various modules. We can customize these modules to suit the requirements of the clients. Odoo has around 10000 applications suitable for managing different kinds of business operations. The availability of applications makes this the best ERP option for all types of businesses. The cloud-based Odoo Online alone has more than 30 certified apps. These apps ensure management support for various business operations. 


Advantages of Odoo

  • Odoo is a preferred ERP and CRM solution in more than 120 countries
  • With 750+official Odoo partners, Odoo guarantees comprehensive support to customers at all levels of implementation
  • Odoo has 10000+ applications in the AppStore
  • Free and paid versions of Odoo are available. The business or industry can make the selection based on their requirement. 
  • The availability of free and paid versions of Odoo makes it suitable for all businesses. This ERP and CRM tool is highly scalable and is suitable for both small and large enterprises. The user can first install minimum applications and later upgrade the application without much difficulty.

Odoo Vs Zoho Feature Comparison


Odoo CRM supports features like lead management, lead scoring, De-duplication and Sales quotes. Zoho lacks lead scoring and sales quotes support.

While both Odoo and Zoho supports email integration, contact forms and mass import, Website Call-to-Action is a feature that is available only in Odoo. 

A highlighted area of Odoo is the sales pipeline. Odoo supports opportunity management, pipeline management, pipeline expected closing dates, log calls, scripts and automated next actions. Zoho lacks in-pipeline management, scripts and next actions and pipeline by expected closing date features.

Relationship management becomes simpler with Odoo as it supports managing companies, contacts, photos in contacts, multiple contacts per company and multiple companies per contact. Zoho does not support photos in contact and numerous companies per contact.


Odoo is the Best ERP solution when it comes to sales management. 

This ERP solution supports all features related to sales quotation, price lists, quotation templates, eSignature, online payment, inline negotiation and multiple Units of Measure. Zoho supports only quotations and inline negotiation.

Sales Order

Sale order management becomes effortless with Odoo as it supports sales orders, invoicing, customer portal, shipper integration and subscription etc. Zoho supports only sales orders and invoicing.


Odoo is the best when it comes to lead generation and lead nurturing. Odoo supports mass mailing, web to leads capture, leads tracking, events, surveys and blogs. At the same time, Zoho does not support lead tracking, events and blogs. 

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