WhatsApp Integration using Odoo

February 8, 2022

WhatsApp quickly became the most popular messaging app among over 1.6 billion users worldwide. And, WhatsApp is a quick, easy and convenient way for friends, family, and businesses to chat, create group messages, share photos and videos, send and get documents, and engage with one another in secure, private conversations, any time of the day or night.

Effective communication is essential for any business, no matter how small or big. It could share feedback, improve customer communication, or engage employees. Nowadays, WhatsApp is being used by many companies to increase customer loyalty and improve customer service. 

Also, WhatsApp allows organizations to instantly contact leads, build positive customer relations, and optimize connectivity. However, as your company grows, managing all of your WhatsApp accounts will prove challenging to keep track of and maximize the competitive advantage. 

Odoo WhatsApp integration will save you a lot during this critical period, improve team efficiency, and streamline communication with different stakeholders.

Odoo can be integrated with any software as long as it is compatible with the third-party application. The Odoo ERP is API-friendly and can be integrated with any third-party application to help manage your entire business.


WhatsApp has an easy-to-use interface that integrates well with Odoo. Odoo WhatsApp chat Integration allows you to integrate WhatsApp Livechat with Odoo. This application can send messages through Odoo. It also helps to add a WhatsApp widget to your Odoo website. You can also segregate your support team so that customers can quickly and easily contact the relevant person. Customers can view the availability of each Team Member. The WhatsApp Odoo Integration module allows you to provide quick and practical support to your customers.

Also, You can send messages from Contacts, Sales and Accounts invoice, Accounts payments, Credit Notes, Delivery Orders, Point of Sale, Purchase orders, Project Tasks, CRM Leads, Payment Reminders, User sign-up pages, and more via the same app.

You can build trust with your customers by providing quick support. It is now time to provide quick support via WhatsApp instant messages.

Do you have an Odoo website? Are you looking to provide the best customer service possible? Odoo WhatsApp chat Integration is for you if so. This module connects WhatsApp to your Odoo website so your customers can instantly contact you.

You can also customize the WhatsApp Chat Widget Colors to match your Odoo website. Customers can view the status of their support team members. It provides a simple way for customers to contact your support team.

All-in-one Integration Features for WhatsApp Odoo Integration

  • Server-based, robust, reliable, and secure
  • Payment reminder messages
  • Linking message to POS
  • Sign up for the Odoo website
  • Allow WhatsApp messages to be sent for Sales Orders. Purchase Orders. Delivery Orders. Invoices.
  • One account per company
  • Bi-directional messaging can be sent and received from WhatsApp in Odoo.
  • It WhatsApp message configuration like add a signature, add order line details, etc
  • If the manager assigns a task to a user, I will notify the user
  • Every setup has access control
  • Add/Skip WhatsApp messages in Odoo Open Chatter
  • Integrate with the Odoo bot

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