Odoo With AI (Artificial Intelligence)

August 30, 2023

We first talk about ML and AI.

Humans are able to learn from our failures, which influences the judgments we make going forward, similar to how machines can generate decisions using an AI model based on historical data in every situation.

Algorithms and models must be created in order for computers to learn from past data and make predictions or judgments based on it. In traditional programming, I must explicitly educate a computer to perform tasks; however, with machine learning, a computer learns patterns and rules from data to perform tasks automatically.

Machine learning enables computers to learn from past knowledge or experiences without explicit programming. Machine learning accuracy is lower than AI’s. As a result, the idea of artificial intelligence is presented.

The phrase “artificial intelligence” describes intelligence that was developed to resemble the human brain and can make judgments in a manner similar to humans. uses artificial neural networks that have been trained using human brain structure and function to simulate the human brain.


AI can be divided into two categories: general AI and weak AI. Certain jobs are carried out by weak AI. Strong or universal AI behaves and thinks just like humans do. Today, weak AIs are frequently employed.

Odoo is a flexible open-source software for business management and resource planning.

Odoo uses AI technology to boost efficiency and precision. Consequently, the company is growing swiftly.

 AI Use Cases in Odoo

Utilize optical character recognition (OCR) to digitize vendor invoices

It is challenging to manually enter several hard copies of bills into the system. Odoo therefore used OCR (optical character recognition) to extract text from images.

Using the Documents module, we may upload a number of bills in PDF format.

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If a PDF file contains a variety of separate bills, it can be divided into many portions using the scissor icon. We can create a bill after clicking the “Create Bill” Action Button.


The data is detected after five seconds; after refreshing the page, the data will automatically be filled in. We must spend credits in order to access this functionality.

We can utilize https://www.odoo.com/app/invoice-automation for any testing needs. this website


In the future, Odoo will use AI for product recommendations, smart inventory, and website conversion.


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