Work center management of Manufacturing module in Odoo 15

July 28, 2022

Creating Work Centers

From collecting raw materials to posting stock moves, manufacturing a product involves a lot of procedures. When creating a manufacturing order, the first step is to create a work center for management.

Select the Work Centers option from the Configuration tab to create a work center. They provided a list of existing work centers, along with details such as name, code, tag, alternative work center, cost per hour, capacity, time efficiency, and OEE target. A List view or a Kanban view can view the existing work centers.

You can create a new work center by selecting the CREATE button. Please enter the following details on the form for a new work center:

work-centere-managementBelow mentioned are the fields in the form view.

Work center name: There must give a name for the work center in this field.

Tags: You can insert any tags associated with the work center here.

Alternatives Work center: For dispatching the production, you can include a list of work centers that can replace the work center that creates it.

Code: it should enter The work center code in this field.

Working Hours: Defining the schedule of resources done in this field. There are three options: Standard 40 hours/week, Standard 35 hours/week, and Standard 38 hours/week.

Company: This field allows you to select the company.

The General Information menu should include the following details regarding the work center:

general-information-menuTime Efficiency: This field is used to calculate the expected duration of a work order at the creating work center. For example, if a work order takes one hour and the efficiency factor is 100%, then the expectable time period will be one hour. And, if the efficiency factor is 200%, the expected time period will be 30 minutes.

Capacity: we should enter The number of pieces that are produced in parallel in the capacity field. Suppose the work center has a capacity of 5 and you wanted to produce 10 units, 2 will multiply the usual operation time.

OEE Target: This field must include the overall effective efficiency target of the work center in percentages.

Setup Time: This field allows to enter the time taken for setup in minutes.

Cleanup Time: This field allows to enter the time taken for cleaning.

Cost per Hour: This field allows to enter the cost of the work center management per hour.

Analytic Account: This field allows us to enter the analytic account if we should use analytic accounting in production orders.

Description: This field can note any detailed information about the work center.

equipment-menuThe Equipment menu should include details about the equipment used, such as its name, the technician who will handle it, the equipment category, the MTBF (meantime between failures), the MTTR (meantime to repair), and the estimated next failure date.

equipment-menuIn the IoT, Triggers menu, enter the details of the external devices that also connected. The device name, key, and action to be performed by the device were added.

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