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December 18, 2020

Trusted ERP partner, Bassam Infotech takes the lead in ERP implementation and its accurate service. With 24 years of experience and expertise, the team of Bassam Infotech guarantees the best support for all your needs. Best ERP Implementation and Customization services offered by Bassam Infotech are sure to expand your horizon. We realise your dreams by bringing together all the components required for your success. Join us, the Official Odoo Partner, to be part of the fast growing business world.

Promising quality service across borders, Bassam Infotech the Official Odoo Partner makes life easier for an investor. Our long lists of clients who operate different types of businesses attest to the fact. With a steady growth over the years we serve clients in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Africa for Odoo Implementation, Customization, Training and Support. We offer support to customers to connect to us online and offline. Our best support system will constantly monitor your ERP uses and prescribe required changes. Bassam Infotech not only implements software solutions but stays with you to achieve your dreams. We help you in a multifaceted way to deal with your hurdles.

Experienced Pool of Professionals

A pool of Odoo Consultants and Developers is our strength. They are all good at the show with their long years of experience working with individuals. We extend the support of this team for improving your business. We help you to collaborate with all your business functions and benefit from automated report generation. Functional and Technical support by Bassam Infotech is sure to boost your operations. The experienced team can help you settle all your ERP-related worries and prepare well to face the competitive world.

ERP across Verticals

The product is not just limited to address the needs of a single proposal. Expertise in implementing ERP solutions for different verticals is a plus point of Bassam Infotech. It has several years of experience to make the right selection and do the rest of the work. With 24 years of experience in the ERP market, our team members are proficient in implementing and integrating different Odoo Modules including Manufacturing, CRM, Sale, Inventory, Purchase, Point of Sale, HR, Accounting etc. All supporting applications like contracts, calendars, live chat, help desk and data cleaning can also be handled efficiently by our team to offer you the most powerful ERP tool. In effect, you need not have to run pillar to post to execute your dream.

Serves Small to Medium Business

ERP is no longer a distant dream for small and medium businesses when Bassam Infotech is here. Join hands with us to access a complete ERP solution for small and medium businesses meeting all requirements of Odoo implementation. Being the official Odoo Partner, Bassam Infotech is fit to serve business sans size and offers Odoo Implementation support at a reduced rate. What we promise here is good care where it will be mutually beneficial.

Quick response

Get in touch with your implementation company, consult with our consultants and finalise ERP integration plans in the minimum required time. We offer online communication offering quick support. Instant customer support and service, quick training support and best customization support are key highlights of this ERP implementation company.


One-stop ERP solution

Like Odoo ERP, which offers a comprehensive solution to business operations, Bassam Infotech, an official partner of Odoo offers complete and quick service to customers. We know that it is not a child’s play. All aspects of your business are sure to get a stop solution at Bassam Infotech, the best Odoo Implementing Company. Integration of different features of Odoo, integration of Odoo with other applications and user-friendly interface will enrich the experience of the customers. Millions of such customers have enjoyed its merits to the fullest.

Customer Satisfaction

Take business to the next level with Odoo. For that one will have to maintain a good relationship. Being an official Odoo Partner, Bassam Infotech guarantees cent per cent customer satisfaction at all possible levels. With dedicated and continuous technical and functional support the user can ensure the smooth operation of the ERP. The focus of our business is not just to implement Odoo ERP, but to equip you to use the ERP flawlessly.

Low price 

Many small business ventures postpone ERP implementation fearing the investment required. The fact is quite different as price fluctuation can eventually land anyone in trouble. What we offer here is the wise selection of the best software at the most affordable rate. Highlighting Odoo’s aim to assure Cost-effective ERP support for all, Bassam Infotech promises you effective ERP support understanding your constraints. Integration and customization options of Odoo are used to offer ERP at a reduced rate. Based on customer requirements we develop custom ERP at an affordable price.

Simplify workflow

Are you still using manual methods for coordinating your business? Don’t worry. We can provide you with an ERP system to systematize your work. From reception to delivery, from purchase of the product to the point of sale and from manufacturing to home delivery all product and service management activities get channelized with our Odoo ERP solution. Ease of work in sending quotations managing sales, invoices and accounting is assured once you join hands with us. Purchase, manufacturing, recruitment and fleet management become quick and the workflow gets simplified with our ERP tool.

ERP for All Industries

We provide ERP support to all industries irrespective of their nature, roles, style of functioning and listening with other similar schools. Our expert team is skilled in integrating the applications in every suitable way to meet the requirements of every industry. Custom-made modules are available based on the requirements of clients. Any of such modules can be updated to give a better experience and win more customers. The biggest advantage of any ERP is that it can save you from wasting time and energy for unproductive purposes. Millions of families are using the best part of such custom-made software to carry forward home care. Find out the industries we serve:

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