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September 26, 2022

A globally acknowledged expo, GITEX global 2022 is a venue where you can meet all important players in the tech world. You can also find new trends and different verticals as GITEX helps you explore all sectors, including cyber security, mobility, data economy, smart cities, telecom, and healthcare.

Whatever you enjoy at the expo will give you something extraordinary. GITEX is giving shape to an ecosystem that will benefit companies, visitors,, and all segments of people. An unparalleled experience is what the expo guarantees to the participants. A mega tech event that has been enriching the tech world for 42 years, the expo will flourish digital transformation in over 170 countries across the globe.

A comprehensive and systematized show is what GITEX 2022 Technology Week offers to the world by organizing a global event.

What does GITEX offer?

Worldwide network

Participation of over 4000 leaders and innovators takes the tech show to greater heights. These experts and leaders are reaching UAE from tech powerhouses across the world. Similarly, GITEX offers unending support to start-ups and assures the participation of innovators from start-ups to guide the future generation and shed light on emerging trends.

Conferences and platforms to learn

Exploring the opportunities and learning every bit of information presented at the tech fest will change the world. GITEX is a venue where the participants can take part in 500+ hours of hard-hitting talks. The participants can pick their favorites from 14 conference verticals and enhance their knowledge. Likewise, any participant can access 15+ technical workshops that will be sources of business knowledge and technical innovations.

Explore opportunities

If you have collected your pass to take part in the tech fest, it is time to know 400 active investors. GITEX goes global when it comes to participating countries. Over 170+ global tech start-ups and global tech companies are taking part in the event to exhibit their innovations and projects.

First-hand information on innovations will let you experience the innovations directly. Innovators will help you clarify your doubts and explore the benefits of each innovation.

Bassam Infotech

A leading ERP Company in Dubai and India, Bassam Infotech is set to conquer the hearts of visitors reaching GITEX Technology Week. Our team will help you identify the best ERP solution for organizing your business and promoting your brand. An ERP provider with 24 years of experience Bassam can help you know about the benefits of ERP.

Under the direction of its CEO A.M. Harshad, Bassam Infotech is a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals with the determination to complete ERP tasks efficiently. This company stands out from the competition because of the team’s dedication. It is admirable that they have experience in serving small, medium, and large businesses in the manufacturing and service industries. The reliability of the Odoo services by Bassam attests to the capability of the business to handle any difficult work.

Bassam brings you the best services in areas of work contracting, project costing, finance, sales, purchasing, retail, HR management, and logistics. Unmatched work guaranteed by relentless service has helped Team Bassam. Establish a strong basis in nations including the US, UAE, and also India.

The trust of thousands of clients across the globe motivates Bassam to dominate the industry. Positive customer feedback empowers Bassam and enhances its growth graph.

Bassam @ GITEX 2022 Technology Week

Team Bassam is all set to display the best ERP solutions and applications at GITEX. Bassam Infotech will help the visitors take a ride to the ERP platforms and especially the benefits of Odoo ERP for boosting operations across verticals.
A partnership with Bassam, one of the Best Odoo Companies, guarantees that the customer will receive a comprehensive service right at their door. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional service quickly draws customers to Bassam. Also, Our team’s passion and commitment have helped Bassam expand. Its network gets greater visibility in the US, the UAE, and India.

The Bassam Odoo team is equipped to handle every facet of ERP implementation.

The clients can spare their entire time managing the key operations of their business as they won’t need to look elsewhere for training or support. This exceptional quality has contributed to the clients’ continued devotion to Bassam.

Offering comprehensive guidance to ERP implementation, Bassam presents every aspect of ERP selection ERP implementation, training, and support. The applications innovated by Bassam for enriching business experience will find a display point at the GITEX Booth from October 10.

A top-rated Odoo Implementation Company in Dubai, Bassam is prepared to satisfy the client’s requests for successful ERP integration and migration. Before starting the process, Bassam discusses ideas and the processes with the clients. GITEX 2022 technology week is the finest opportunity for all companies looking for ERP implementation. To make a tie with Bassam’s open lines of communication.
Because of the systematic approach, the ERP integration with Bassam specialists offers a trouble-free experience to all. Each phase is clearly explained for the client’s understanding and to consider their suggestions to prevent confusion at the last minute. Also, clients at Bassam just see their ideal situation and observe its painstaking realization. Bassam is confident in sharing ERP implementation experience and wins over many hearts of nations.

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