Overview of Odoo Ecommerce

January 28, 2023

The term Global village, coined by Marshall McLuhan, is the most relevant term in the commerce sector now. As the world has become a village with an interconnecting network system, every aspect of life has changed. Education to employment and manufacturing to purchase has become electronic assisted by the emergence and growth of the internet. It is an impossible task to grow a business without embracing the online world.

E-Commerce, a term that explains the buying and selling of products using the internet, is the element that is going to decide the success of every business. A futuristic term, eCommerce uses technologies like mobile commerce, supply chain management, digital marketing, electronic payment, online transaction, etc.

 What is Odoo E-Commerce Module?

Odoo, an open-source ERP solution is the best eCommerce management solution for many businesses. Odoo follows a modular structure. Similarly, it has an eCommerce module that is rich with innovative features. The component of the module, from the website builder to the customer administration, is crucial to the operation of a firm.

Quick and effortless website creation

Odoo is a platform that supports the setting up of a website without the support of expert developers. Instead, users can drag and drop building blocks to create excellent pages to promote business.

Odoo eCommerce enables us to create a website in 4 simple steps using the AI website builder. It is easy to choose copy-right free images for your website from Odoo.

Odoo includes lovely native themes made specifically for each sector. Besides, you can use a theme from our marketplace of themes or make your own custom one.

Why is Odoo eCommerce Suitable for All Businesses?

Is Odoo suitable for many businesses? It is a common question that comes to the mind of every user. The answer is Odoo being a modular and customizable ERP solution can be optimised to meet the requirements of different segments of businesses. A financially viable eCommerce platform, Odoo eCommerce allows the quick creation of a website that will have a product catalogue, price list and other features. It is suitable for small, medium and large business firms that are planning eCommerce activity.

  • Odoo is appropriate for all business types.

There are several ready-to-use features in it. Once you instal Odoo, you will not have to invest much in plugins. Odoo will enable the users to make use of different tools which are available in Odoo. Easy integration of the eCommerce platform with LiveChat, Customer Relationship Management and other tools ensures the perfect functioning of the business. Odoo also allows the integration of the eCommerce platform with subscription, coupon code generation, discount management, email marketing, etc. These features offer comprehensive support for enhancing the growth of the online business platform.

  • Set-up Attributes and Variants

When you are managing an eCommerce platform, you may need to specify the variant of the product to help the customer. For example, if you are selling t-shirts, you may have t-shirts from different brands. Similarly, you may have t-shirts of different sizes including small, medium, large, XL, XXL, etc. The product may also be available in different colours like red, blue, black and green. The ability to display the variants of the product will help the customers to choose the perfect colour and size of the product. Set varying prices for various product configurations, such as size and colour options.

  • Multiwebsites & B2B Store

Odoo helps you make the store only accessible to allow users and display different prices using pricelists. Managing multiple websites makes it easier for investors to manage different websites for the same company.

  • Automated Tax Rates

Tax calculation is a complex task for business groups. However, if you are using Odoo, tax computation becomes a piece of cake for your accounting team. Odoo is extensively used in many countries across the globe and allows country-based customization. Based on your customers, your sales taxes are automatically imposed. Sales tax computation is done based on the tax laws of a particular country.


How Does Odoo eCommerce Help to Reach out to the Right Customers?

Odoo is a customizable tool that can help users build their dreams by integrating different modules. Apart from that, Odoo is functional on many devices including desktops, laptops and mobile phones. The Odoo-based eCommerce platform offers easy to access user interface to the customers increasing the chances for conversion rate. The key highlights of Odoo eCommerce platforms are given below.

  • Mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly

Integration is one of the most significant advantages of Odoo ERP solution. The eCommerce platform of Odoo 16 also allows integration with other tools. Besides, it is accessible to various devices. Using blogs and other SEO supports, Odoo websites ensure top SEO ranking for your brand. What is more? The website is easily accessible on mobile devices as well. 

  • Widespread Dashboard

Use the built-in dashboard to view your top sales and get detailed eCommerce statistics. The support of the best Odoo partner will always help you configure your dashboard.

  • Many Websites

Once you use Odoo, you can sell products in multiple stores on the same database. It is also possible to share products between different websites as Odoo 16 supports you to set up several stores on a single database.

  • Analytics

Report generation with the help of sales data analytics is a key feature of Odoo. The best ERP tool available in the market, Odoo assures support for reviewing sold quantities of products and checking orders, invoices, payments to receive etc. from the dashboard itself. Using artificial intelligence and integration with Google Analytics helps you to analyse the behaviour and buying patterns of customers.

  • Lead generation

Every customer visiting your eCommerce platform may not purchase your products. The efficiency of your website lies in the ability to pursue customers to purchase products. The speed of the website, user-friendliness and many other elements influences the customers to purchase products. Odoo ERP is a platform that guarantees a high rate of lead generation.

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