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August 4, 2022

Odoo Implementation is a key process that is sure to take your business to fresh heights. Here Odoo being the most popular ERP platform across the globe ensures the ERP offers comprehensive support for business management after implementation. Also, Odoo 15 is the presently running ERP version of Odoo. It has many features which are highly helpful for managing different tasks and operations. But we would always advise you to lead the changes and win the world. A leading ERP provider, Odoo, has worked hard to transform the management of all your operations as simply as possible. Providing the most effective platform for carrying out all business operations has always been a goal of Odoo.

With constant updates and improvements to its features and functionalities, Odoo has quickly reached its peak. It Odoo always strives to introduce fresher versions each year to assist clients to access the latest features in the ERP market.

Odoo 15

In Odoo produces a new version every year to assist clients in using each advancement in software to support advancements in the business. Also, Odoo 15 is one of the most advanced ERP platforms for commercial enterprises. And Odoo follows a similar pattern for implementing all its versions including Odoo 15. Odoo 15 Implementation does not require much time as it will go smoothly and will be finished quickly. With over 6 million users worldwide, Odoo constantly aims to make the implementation process simpler. Team Odoo always strives to support both small and large businesses.

The Odoo is an Open-Source ERP system that is the finest option for industries all around the world. Developer communities can enhance and change Odoo. It Odoo is the foolproof ERP solution for many industries. The reason is simple, community developers work round the clock to improve the capabilities of the tool.

A well-implemented Odoo system enables a firm to expand and reach new heights. If it does not follow exactly the Odoo implementation steps, the product may suffer.

  Odoo 15 Implementation Steps

  • Whichever version of Odoo you implement, follow a few steps. As them below.

Review of Business

The business assessment phase of the Odoo implementation helps the company learn about the environment in which the business operates. And It also helps to pinpoint the benefits and drawbacks of the current operating model. We can also learn more about the company and customer feedback by following the business review procedure.

Odoo Implementation Steps begin after business review. We have to follow the steps to implement Odoo.

 What is GAP Analysis?

GAP analysis is also known as ROI analysis. The implementation team spends 10% of the entire implementation time on ROI analysis. This shows the importance of GAP analysis, which is a methodical process to prepare the budget and a thorough implementation strategy.

The implementation team spends 10% of the entire implementation time on ROI analysis. This shows the importance of GAP analysis, which is a methodical process to prepare the budget and a thorough implementation strategy.

The time to complete a GAP analysis might range from a few hours to 30 days based on the type of project. GAP is substantial for major projects but not for minor initiatives that are finished in less than four months. Also, we can easily incorporate this process into projects during any stage of the implementation.

GAP analysis aids clients in understanding software and reviewing the benefits for the company. As the name shows  Return of Investment (ROI) helps to analyze the feasibility.

They will analyze the project leader’s effectiveness and performance as well as dispel any remaining reservations they may have regarding its viability. And his stage aids the client in creating a thorough plan and comprehending the financial requirements. Stakeholder meetings also complete the multi-step process, meetings with important departments, recording of the GAP analysis process, peer group review, and discussion on the findings of GAP analysis.

Kick-Off of Projects

It is a crucial stage in the installation of Odolo15. It occurs at the start of the project. Every project needs qualified staff to take off the project well. With ERP, we need to train the staff to equip them to use the ERP platform.

Being a significant face of ERP implementation, kick-off is a straightforward but important stage that takes up only 5% of the whole implementation time. This stage helps us get the attention of the stakeholders on approach during this phase.

We can also provide stakeholders with uniform training. Setting deadlines and describing the entire process to the customer will help you successfully complete this step and meet their expectations.


This phase of the Odoo implementation, which is the most crucial, takes up 80% of the overall time needed to complete it. There are various Odoo implementation steps. And it listed them below.

Customization: Following the project’s launch, the team configures and customizes the ERP tools and apps. The implementation team also assures proper training to the users.

Data migration: It is the transferring of data to Odoo 15 from the current program. Key users are responsible to decide the set of files or data to be migrated to the new ERP. Moving the most significant data will be the first focus at this point. To save time and money, the team will concentrate on integrating master data and skip the whole history.


  • The team decides on integrating apps and tools at this point. The testing and process validation are both done by the implementation team after integrating all apps including third-party apps.


  • After completing the implementation the activities were validated, and it provided training to the end-users.

Go Live

  • It’s time to flip the switch on after the implementation finishes, the process takes up 5% of the whole implementation time.

To ensure proper business, flow the key users should test the complete database. We must also make sure that the end-users are fully informed about usage. A refresher course advice if we gave the training many months prior to implementation.

Additional Deployment

After a month of implementation, we reach this point. During this stage, we examine the process and implement new tasks in response to user feedback. This stage help manage all tasks effectively.

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