Overview of Odoo Website Builder

November 21, 2022

A website helps a business reach out to customers. Effortless and extensive reach is a guarantee if your organization has a creatively and efficiently designed web platform. It will easily help you grow and expand your horizons by presenting your products or services to the customers.

A website becomes popular among the customer with a user-friendly interface, landing page, and lead generation support. Inquiry forms and contact support along with quick loading make the website a favorite of the customers. Customers are more likely to return to a website if the website provides fast and error-free service.

As businesses are taking a new shape eCommerce platforms, websites, and eCommerce sites are the prime elements of success for any business.

Odoo Website Builder offers a set of features and functionalities to help businesses develop and improvise their website and ensure increased reach and popularity. Let us take a glance at the key features of Odoo Website Builder.

Open Source

100% Free: Odoo offers to host support with no restrictions or ads. Other programs, suLGPL: Odoo Website builder is an open source and was released under the LGPL-v3 Open-Source license. The users can download the same on GitHub.ch as accounting, inventory, and HR help the team finance community activities.

Catchy Themes: Every theme is offered for free in its default and basic configuration. There is no need to purchase additional themes.

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Create your website

Online website builder: Artificial intelligence help users create a catchy website in 3 simple steps.Building Blocks: The users can quickly drag-and-drop building blocks. The content and layout of blocks can be changed to a great extent.

Presets in Smart Colour: Always choose the most harmonious color scheme. The tool ensures better readability as button and text colors adapt automatically to match the backdrop.

Attractive gradients: The users can quickly use and specify color gradients for button colors, backgrounds, and text.

Improve Blocks Using Shapes: Add shapes to your construction blocks to create breathtaking visual effects in only a few clicks.

Animations: Blocks, words, and backgrounds can all be animated to great effect using animations.

Dynamic Blocks: Easily incorporate dynamic content to create sites that are personalized to your users’ needs, such as suggested blogs, upcoming events, favorite goods, and so forth

High Customizability: Any website designer can choose blocks and layouts from a variety of block layouts to alter the text and colors to fit your design and content.

Integration of Google Fonts: Maintain brand assets by quickly and directly loading Google Fonts from the library.

Construct Your Library: Build a library of reusable blocks by saving building blocks.

Mobile-Friendly Website: Create websites that can be used effortlessly on computers and mobile phones.

Media Manager

Media Manager high-quality, copyright-free images, videos, and pictures.

Ensures Speed: Automatically optimized images, including efficiently compressed, appropriately scaled for placement, etc guarantee speed.

Inline Filters: The users can easily edit images on the page and get a preview of the effect of using the filters and transformations.

Availability of branded illustrations: Odoo provides the best experience by making illustrations that can go well with your brand colors.

Improve Pictures using Shapes: Add moving or static shapes to pictures to quickly create innovative visual effects.

Enhance Website Traffic

Multi-Languages: The inline translations and GeoIP-based visitor language recognition ease the translation tasks.

Multi-Websites: Odoo makes it easier for users to manage multi-websites and manage the products and database.

Lead Generation: using clever marketing methods to turn website visitors into leads, Odoo helps to track visitors’ IP addresses, add clever call-to-actions and create forms.

Blogs: The users can easily publish blog posts and update the content of the website.

SEO Tools: Odoo enables the use of SEO Tools to create content that is search-engine friendly. It helps to customize the titles and meta descriptions for your images.

Integration of social media: Odoo website builder can be integrated completely with Odoo email marketing, push alerts, social media marketing, and so forth

Content targeting visitors: Make the content of your page automatically adjust to the nation, the ads, the sectors, etc., of your visitors.

Quickly connect to visitors

Dashboard: Track the most intriguing visitors quickly and communicate with them in just one click via push notifications, live chat, SMS, and other methods.

Visitor Portal: Visitors who use the visitor portal get immediate access to their documents, including support requests, invoices, projects, and tasks.

Build Smart Forms: With just a few clicks, you can create customized forms and incorporate them into your business process.

Livechat: Use the built-in live chat tool to talk to visitors right away. This will help you use the support of Odoo Bot when your client manager is not online.

Forum: In your forum section, allow visitors to communicate with one another.

Ticket Generation: The customers visiting the site can submit support tickets or service tickets. The business can follow them up using the Help Desk app and get feedback for the service.

Developers Friendly Tool

Code Editing Tool: 

The users can easily personalize the website with the help of HTML, CSS, and JS editor integration. Besides, the tool provides support to help you edit the pages.

Large Community: Odoo Website Builder helps you access modules from the community app store to enhance the website as Odoo has the largest app store.

CleanStack: The contemporary and constrained dependencies of Odoo to include PostgreSQL, bootstrap, etc.

On-premises versus cloud hosting: Although we offer free hosting, you can go for on-premise hosting by downloading the website on GitHub.

External Widget: Odoo helps you use widgets to insert custom code onto any page. Besides, every version of Odoo allows free upgrades.

Free SSL Certificate

You can access SSL certification for cloud-hosted websites free of cost. The process can be completed automatically.

Business Features

Odoo helps you create E-commerce sites effortlessly and generate leads whenever a person visits your site. The website builder assisted websites to manage customer relations effectively with the help of lead management. E-signature for online quotation generation and job page management to get the best hands are additional business features of the Odoo website builder. It also assists you to manage events and schedule upcoming events. Selling tickets online for events and managing eLearning courses by organizing study materials are also possible with the Odoo website builder.


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