PDF Report App for Timesheets in Odoo 16

March 25, 2023

The value of time is greater than any other resource. Unlike products, services, and labor, time cannot be bought or leased. Only time can be managed.

The best time management applications are available with Odoo Open source software. Anyone in an organization can easily manage their time using Odoo Timesheet. Time tracking features within Odoo are beneficial both to the manufacturing industry and to the everyday running of a company. Service companies, sales outlets, and other businesses can use timesheets service companies, sales outlets, and other businesses can use timesheets to improve productivity.

Timesheets are data tables employers can use to keep track of the number of hours an employee has worked. Businesses use timesheets to keep track of the time to finish a task, complete a project, or interact with a client. Paper timesheets, spreadsheets, and time-tracking programs have been used for keeping track of work hours. The format of timesheets has changed from paper-based to digital in recent years.

 An overview of the Odoo 16 timesheet report

Launch the Odoo 16 Timesheets module. Select the “Reporting” menu option from the menu bar and activate it. Several submenus are visible there, and you can select the “Print timesheets” submenu.


We will receive a wizard when we choose that submenu. Our wizard allows us to specify the employee name, and start and end dates to get records for a specific period.

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To print a timesheet, click the “print timesheet” button. In an Odoo pdf report, you will also receive the relevant data.


  • The Timesheet module for Odoo 16 manages the timesheet PDF report in this way.

Each employee’s timesheet helps calculate his or her productive hours and generate reports based on their working hours. When effective working hours are reduced, employees can be alert. Aside from that, the employee can also set a schedule for his or her work and complete the task according to that schedule. To improve the productivity of a team, an employer can assign a time schedule.

Timesheets for Odoo integrate smoothly with accounting, payroll, school management, and other ERP programs. Working online and offline is what makes this software so appealing.


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