Projects and Task Management in Odoo 15

March 11, 2022

In the Odoo Project Management module, you can easily assign tasks and prioritize what’s most important to your team, and you can manage your team’s entire workload all in one place. Project Management Module in Odoo v15 gives you a flexible workflow that allows you to effectively track task management.

The different views available in the project management module help to minimize the huge functionality simply. Using Gantt view, you can easily manage plans and resources by drag and drop. The calendar view of the project management system helps to map your deadlines and tasks needing the most attention. In the Kanban view, you can configure stages specific to tasks.

Firstly, you can download the project module from the app store. In the below dashboard, you can see all the projects created if you want to create a new project by clicking new project. In addition, you can configure stages for each project from the dashboard.                                        

Projects and Task Management in Odoo 15

–> A gray dot in the dashboard shows the default situation, Red shows a blockage in the progress of the tasks, and Green shows are the tasks are ready to be run to the next stage.

–> Based on task priority, you can bookmark tasks from the project.

Project Update View

Users can analyze every project summary from the project update view like sell order, gross margin, invoice, Budget, Milestones, profitability analysis, etc.

Project Update View

Project Milestones

You can create project milestones from the project update view by clicking on the add milestone button. And you can explain project-related milestones like Milestone name, development completed, testing completed, project deployed, etc.

Project Milestones
  • From the form view or Kanban view, you can configure the stages for the project.
  • You can allocate the task to multiple employees/users at the same time from the field assignee, as shown in the form.
  • In odoo15, by clicking on the SHARE READONLY button, you can send read-only projects to allow persons, and the SHARE EDITABLE button will send the editable project to allow persons.
odoo 15


Every project contains a task to achieve the project’s goal. From the settings, you can configure the different task operations. Such as,

  • Sub Tasks: This option is useful if you want to divide the entire task into sub-tasks

  • Task Dependencies: It defines the order of task perforations.

  • Recurring Tasks: by regular time intervals, it will automatically generate the task.

  • Project Stages: This option allows you to configure different stages of the project.

After all, the configuration is done, you can create a task related to the project. You can view your task under my task menu or every task under the project menu. In the kanban view of the task form, it’s categorized into different stages. You can change the stage of the task by simply dragging and dropping them from the dashboard of the task. Then you can apply different filters to tasks such as Personal Stage, Sales Order Item, Assignees, Project, Customer, etc.


You can schedule activity from the task by using the schedule activity option. To enable this, click on the clock sign from the task, and then a schedule activity window will pop up. Select the activity type that can be configured from the configuration tab at this window. Then enter a brief description of the activity and select the due date and assigned person. After scheduling the activity, the color of the clock sign from the task window changed to Green. You can check the due date by noticing the created activity, and if the activity gets completed, the mark is completed.

odoo project management

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