Purchase Module in Odoo 15

January 13, 2022

Purchasing management refers to the management of an organization’s buying process and related aspects. Purchase management is an integral part of any business. Companies can reduce their costs by making effective purchase decisions and strategies. A purchasing management department can be composed of one or more employees who ensure that all items required for the organization to function are ordered. And kept in stock, along with controlling inventory levels and the associated costs. The company’s purchasing department purchases materials, equipment, services, and other goods required to manufacture the product to be delivered to the customer.

Manually managing the purchasing process can be hectic and can cause errors. In the age of technology, businesses widely used a variety of purchase management software. A business solution like Odoo ERP helps you grow your business. A perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, Odoo ERP, features modules that are easy to use and offer great visibility and control of the business. For example, you can track quotes, purchase orders, and purchase agreements with Odoo’s Purchase module. With the Odoo Purchase module, besides managing the basic purchase factors. You can also generate reports about the purchases, configure vendor price lists, purchase agreements, and much more.

Let’s go through the Purchase Module in Odoo 15

  • Purchase Order

When the vendors respond positively to the RFQ that you have sent, you place a purchase order. If you wish, you can create a purchase order directly from the purchase order option in the Odoo Purchase module without sending RFQs to the vendors. You can view the purchase orders by going to the Purchase Orders option in the Orders tab of the Odoo Purchase module.

purchase order

The above image shows the list of the RFQ. You can also view it in in Kanban, Pivot, Graph, or in Calendar state in odoo ERP. There is an option filter and group by in odoo where you can easily track access to records.

The details of any particular purchase order may be viewed by selecting the relevant order from the list.

requests for quotation

This page will display the purchase order details, including the Reference Number, Vendor details, Confirmation Date, and Receipt Date. Under the Products menu, you’ll also find information regarding the Products. The details of the Product, its Description, Quantity, Received quantity, Billed amount, Unit of Measurement, per unit price, taxes, and subtotal can be viewed.


In the Other Information menu, you can view the details of the Purchase Representative, the Company, the Billing Status, the Source Document, Payment Terms, and the Fiscal Position.

Receiving Products

purchase module

By clicking on the receive product button, you can receive the products and the details. Such as The Name of the Vendor from whom the product was received, the Scheduled Date for the first shipment, the Deadline, and the Source Document can be viewed. You can see the Product name, Quantity Demanded, Quantity Done, and Unit of Measurement on the Operations menu. The Additional Info menu records information such as Tracking Reference, Carrier, Weight, Weight for Shipping, and the name of the Responsible and Company involved with the shipment. By Using Odoo ERP, you can easily track the receipt of your goods note.

By clicking on the validate button, you can confirm the GRN. As long as you expect to process the remaining products later, you can create a backorder if your processed product falls short of the initial demand. It is possible to proceed without creating a backorder if you do not plan on processing the remaining products. In Odoo, you can print Picking Operations, Delivery Slip, and Picking Label from the Print option.



Under the Orders menu, you can find a vendors menu where you can view all your vendor details. By using Odoo ERP, you can also easily access your vendor details too.


odoo 15 purchase module

Under the Products menu, you can view all the products and its information in Odoo ERP.


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