Importance of Using Odoo ERP in the Real Estate Industry

January 9, 2024

There is rapid development in domestic economic construction. Large-scale enterprises in economically developed regions are facing remarkable opportunities. The market demand is expanding as the market economy matures. Enterprises need to face the ever-changing social & economic environment. Therefore, have to adjust their development strategies promptly. So, it requires a higher management process with a real estate ERP system.

Implementing the best real estate Odoo ERP software will further enhance the entire system. First, to grasp the market pulse and trends and to consolidate their advantages in the fierce market competition. Likewise, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, to establish the position of an enterprise in the market. Without correct management software, enterprises will not be able to compete. As a result, enterprises with insufficient strength will be eliminated. Meanwhile, a group of powerful enterprises will be formed to control the development of the market.

Implementing an Odoo manufacturing ERP system will work as the backbone of the enterprise system. This will essentially strengthen the competitive advantage of the company. Also, it enhances the company’s core competitiveness.

How to choose ERP software products:

Qualitative perspective
  • Based on the nature and development capabilities of software companies
  • Ease of use
  • Adaptability
  • Scalability
  • Upgrade-ability
  • Life cycle
  • Price system of software products.
Quantitative perspective
  • ERP software maturity
  • Number of successful users
  • User satisfaction
  • Customized workload
  • Secondary development workload
  • Software upgrade cycle
  • The amount of training and so on

When selecting a software service provider, enterprises should focus on:

  • Can service providers accurately grasp and describe enterprise application requirements;
  • Can the service provider develop a reasonable solution for the enterprise;
  • Whether the service provider can reorganize the original business process of the enterprise and formulate a new business process with reasonable planning;
  • Whether the service provider can combine software functions and organizational software implementation;
  • Organize user training;
  • Prepare data, monitoring systems, and internal management reporting systems for measuring management performance;
  • Responsible for the operation review after the system is in regular operation;

Elements of successful ERP implementation

Consistent support from the highest decision-making level in the enterprise is a decisive factor in the success of ERP implementation. There is a strict corporate system to promote ERP projects. Choose a complete Odoo real estate ERP system and establish long-term partnerships between the two parties. Successful implementation of business process reorganization and secondary development. Form a good team of people with a consistent attitude, efficient cooperation, and strong confidence. Strengthen the organization of basic data to ensure smooth information transmission. Providing full training for enterprise employees. There are many ERP vendors out there in the market, providing excellent implementation plans and solutions. Meanwhile, working closely with the company to organize the ERP system.

Is there a free ERP for the Real Estate Industry?

It should be no; this kind of enterprise shouldn’t go for free ERP implementation.

The real estate business has a lot of information about the owners. So, the Odoo ERP implementation should be safer and more secure. However, hackers can easily hack free data. So, no real estate enterprise should take such risks.

The Odoo ERP function covers the whole process of the real estate enterprise. Including real estate sales work, and preparation of the previous data. Also, preparation for the property, the price, and the payment method. The sales business in the row number, small order, big set, signing, check out, change rooms, etc.


Main functional modules :

Property Information

Project Overview, House Type Information, Room Info, House Pricing, Payment Method, Price Adjustment.

Sales management

Graphic consultation, reception record, appointment registration, sales registration, checkout management. As well as, house exchange management, lease registration, secondary transaction, salesman maintenance, and house closure.

Financial management

Managing the financial collection, cashier’s bill, bill retreat, and invoice exchange. Similarly, receipt inquiry, debt collection, and margin management.

Customer Management

Managing customer Profiles, Contract Documents, Mortgage Handling, and Mortgage Approval. As well as, Property Rights Handling, Design Change, Customer Complaints, Customer Analysis, and SMS Sending.

Auxiliary management

Dealing with Commission management, advertising management, real estate, demand, and customer information.

Statistical report

Dealing with real estate reports, sales reports, financial statements, and leadership queries.

Basic data

System dictionary, operator, property type, fee, and currency maintenance.

System management

Managing parameter settings, user authorization, system backup, and data initialization. Moreover, ensuring data recovery, set-up settings, and proof definition.

What are the benefits of using Bassam Infotech ERP for the Real Estate Industry?

  • Helps in optimizing supply chain management, reducing logistics costs. As well as improve customer service levels, and accelerate the efficiency of payment recovery.
  • Realize the unified management of capital flow, logistics, and information flow. And solve the shortcomings such as poor internal information and difficult management.
  • Processing business data in real-time, issuing decision commands accurately. Reduce business risks and respond quickly to market changes.
  • Effectively control the inventory of raw materials, products, and finished products. Thereby increasing the inventory turnover rate.
  • Improve the on-time delivery rate of enterprises and reduce the error rate of shipments. And greatly improve the efficiency and reputation of enterprises.
  • Purchasing personnel have accurate production planning information and understand production problems. Meanwhile, shortening the procurement time and saving procurement costs.

If you plan a new ERP Software implementation and you have heard about Odoo and got attracted by the Odoo ERP platform, decided to use it but don’t have time, resources, or knowledge to manage this yourself, thereby looking for professional assistance, then you have come to a right place. Bassam Infotech has implemented scores of Odoo ERPs all around the world. In addition, we have also developed and delivered our own customized Odoo applications with minimal Odoo implementation cost.


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