Recruitment Module in Odoo 16

January 16, 2023

The recruitment module in Odoo is for Hiring employees into the company. This module is to make the recruitment process much easier. Odoo recruitment process has different stages of selection like First Interview, Second Interview, etc. Employees are the backbone of any company and this makes the hiring process very significant.

First, install the Recruitment module into your database. Search the recruitment module in Odoo Apps, then click on the install button. After Installation, you can see a Recruitment Menu, click on that you will get the below view.

odoo-recruitment-module-menuFrom this view, you will get an overview of the job positions and status in the organization. And also you can see New applications, etc.

Create Job Position

 To create a new job position click on the CREATE button in the top left corner, after clicking you will get a pop-up and enter a New Job position. Click on the below create button, new job position will be created.

Create Application

The dashboard of the Recruitment module will provide a list of all Job positions and vacancies, the user can select an appropriate job position and Click on New Application Button, then click CREATE button on the top left corner, and you will get the below view. you can see all applications in different views like list, Kanban, pivot, graph, etc.


enter all necessary details like Applicant’s Name, email, phone, mobile, etc.

You can also apply for jobs through the website


Click on the Go to Website button, you can see below the view

Click on Apply Now button

Here enter your name, email, phone, etc, and upload your resume, etc

After creating the Application you can also add skills, click on the Skills tab to create a new entry, and you will get a pop-up

Select skill type, skills, levels, etc, and click on the Save button.

Initial Qualification is done then go to First Interview, then go to Second Interview then Contract Proposal, then Contract Signed

Then Click on the “Create Employee” button, it redirects to the Employee master

Fill in all necessary details like mobile, email, department, etc. And there is also enter Resume and Skills.

And you can also Refuse application, Click on the Refuse Button, generate a pop-up window, and select Refuse Reason

After the Completion of the Recruitment Process

 Odoo gives a Recruitment Analysis Report

Recruitment –> Reporting –> Recruitment Analysis



You can also filter job positions and Applications by clicking on the Filters button and also grouping by.


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