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December 28, 2021

By opening the Odoo 15 Purchase module, first, you can see the dashboard of purchases and Requests for Quotations recorded. All the Requests for quotations (rfq) are differentiated by the status To Send, Waiting. You can also see the total Request for quotations (rfq) created by yourself or distinctly. There are various Filters like My Purchases, Request, for quotations, Purchase Orders, Requisition, To Approve, Order Date, Draft RFQs, etc. can be presented. The Request for quotations (rfq) can also be mapped according to the Vendors, company, and Order Dates. An odoo 15 also presents various visions such as List, Kanban, Pivot, Graph, or a Calendar view on the top right side.

Odoo Request for Quotation in Version 15

Request for quotations

By choosing the Request for quotations (rfq) from the list, you can have more pieces of information regarding the quotation. Information on the Vendor, Reference, Purchase Agreement, Currency, Receipt Date, and Number of days within which confirmation must be made can be viewed in the Request for quotations (rfq). We can preview the verification email by emailing you. Product-related information like Name of the Product, Description of the product, Quantity, Unit of Measurement (UOM), Unit Price, Subtotal, and other details regarding the RFQ such as the name of the Purchase Representative, Company, Source Document, Incoterm, Payment Terms. You can also view the activities done on the Request for quotations (rfq).

Click the SEND BY EMAIL button to send a Request for quotations (rfq) and also print the RFQ by clicking the PRINT RFQ button. After sending the quotation and the vendor confirms the request, the status of the request can be changed to order confirmed by clicking on the CONFIRM ORDER button. If you want to cancel the request by clicking the CANCEL button, once you click, the request will be marked as a canceled request.

You can see the status of the Request for quotations (rfq) from the status bar placed on the right side of the purchase form. Operations such as Reminder Sending, Vendor Bills Creation, Accrued Expense Entry Sharing the request, and Duplicating and Deleting the request can be done from the Actions menu option on the top side.

Purchase Order

By clicking the CREATE button, you will go to the Request for Quotation form and will have to enter the required information about the proposal. Enter the Name of the Vendor to whom the request is being sent, the sales number of the purchase must be added to the Vendor Reference field, enter the Purchase Requisition or create a new Purchase Requisition from the Order option, and choose the Currency used for a transaction, add the date on which the quotation will be converted into Purchase Order on confirmation at Order Deadline, set a delivery date at Receipt Date and if you want to send a confirmation mail to the vendor, corresponding the quotation, enable the Ask Confirmation option To enter the details of the products, press the Add a Product option from the Products menu. Enter the Product name and information such as Description, Quantity, Unit of Measurement, Unit Price, Taxes, and Subtotal will be automatically calculated and filled in.

You can edit the quantity of the product and it will change automatically the subtotal. You can request collective products from the vendor by clicking on the Add a Product option. The total cost of the order will be displayed at the bottom of the subtotal. You can put on any notes with the products for the vendor to pay attention to by clicking on the Add a Note option. The terms and conditions can be conveyed to the vendor by adding them in the Terms and Conditions field.

Odoo Request for Quotation

Odoo 15 Purchase Module

You can add additional information about the request for quotation at the Other Information tab on the bottom side of the RFQ form. For example, you can enter the name of the company, name of the Purchase Representative, Source Document as the reference of the document that generates this purchase order request, Incoterm if the occurrence is international, Payment Terms related to the request, and Fiscal Position applicable for the Request for quotation (RFQ).

After entering the information in the form, you can save the request by clicking on the SAVE button and sending the request later. In addition, the RFQ can be printed and saved for the following needs by clicking on the button ‘PRINT RFQ’ on the top side of the form.

If you want to send the request click on the button ‘SEND BY EMAIL.’ Then, the email raises pop-up will emerge from which you can select the template and email the corresponding vendor. After sending the mail, the RFQ’s status will be updated to RFQ SENT. The request status can be converted to PURCHASE ORDER if the vendor submits the quotation and the company confirms the order. In the Odoo 15 Purchase module, this is how quotation requests are made and sent. It gathers all the pertinent and exact information that must be submitted to the vendor. You can quickly create RFQs and maintain track of requests submitted to vendors with the Odoo 15 Purchase module.

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