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July 24, 2020

Brick and click is the new business model. Habituate with our Odoo Retail ERP Software uae to outdistance all in the retail market. The Best Odoo implementation company Bassam Infotech guarantees profitability and productivity.

Strategic decisions taken today can enhance future prospects. Blending bricks and mortar with e-commerce is the best choice for the retail market. Our Odoo ERP Application helps end-users click and collect their goods and use the door-delivery system the best way.

Bill generation at the cash wrap, stock taking, identifying the customers’ demand, and managing the workforce become simpler with Odoo Retail ERP software uae. As the Official Odoo partner Company, Bassam Infotech offers the best service to all our clientele.

Apart from direct purchasers, customers preferring online purchases, door delivery, and click and collect systems also get wooed with a customer-friendly Odoo ERP.

Odoo Retail Erp Software Features

  • Point of Sale (POS)

Do away with technical glitches in the electronic and physical generation of bills. Our POS management application has made it an effortless job. Generate bills, apply discounts, split bills and handle payment and payment gateways with your fingertips.

Printing bills with every minute detail that is self-explanatory is our Odoo module’s key feature. Our customer-centric Odoo Retail POS System will help you improve the retailer-customer relationship.


  • Customer Satisfaction 

Assimilate into the new world retail market with our Best Odoo Retail ERP Software uae to build a customer network. Being a customer-oriented Odoo implementing company, we assure you a user-friendly Odoo ERP application that every customer will prefer.

Our customized ERP Application will help you organize your online retail market in a catchy way. Systematizing the products with a special focus on demand can easily grab the attention of any buyer.

Odoo Retail ERP Software uae comes in handy to improve customer communication through reviews and suggestions. Arrangement of products at the point of sale also gets improved with demand data.

  • Stock Management 

Running short of products when the customer is at the POS? Toss out your worries. Our Odoo Retail ERP will help you take the stock without manual intervention.

The optimal product assortment is the key feature of our comprehensive Odoo module. Customized Odoo ERP Application will also help the retailer stock goods based on market needs.

Management of inventories and retail shop stock rooms has become effortless with our Best Odoo Retail ERP Software uae. With minimal data entry work, you can get all your requirements completed.

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