Configure Lots/Serial Numbers & Product Traceability in Odoo 16

September 6, 2023

We can say that in order to trace products from the point of manufacture to the point of sale, both lots and serial numbers are used. Throughout the production process, many companies assign product numbers; on occasion, they are even added as the product is wrapped. However, for straightforward product identification and tracking, lots and serial numbers are used. The lots and serial numbers do differ, though. Unlike lots, which are a set of numbers or codes provided to a group of things with a common nature, serial numbers are the specific numbers assigned to a single product.

            Using the lot and serial numbers in Odoo 16 has a lot of advantages. The tracking of lots and serial numbers enables you to keep tabs on the flow of goods through your supply chain. If there is a recall or a quality problem, this may be useful for locating the product’s manufacturer. The products are taken out of bulk storage as soon as they are close to expiring thanks to Odoo’s Product traceability feature. As a business grows, managing the inventory and producing the goods becomes much more difficult


Thus, Odoo 16 makes it simple to perform your tasks and does it quickly.

You may access a product’s traceability in the inventory tab of the product form by turning on these features.

Our product can be tracked in two different ways. Using a special serial number and lots. Despite various differences, both share the same functionality. It refers to the number allocated for specific things that are purchased and kept in a single pack when it is used in lots. The serial number, in contrast, is the special identification code or number needed for each and every item in the stock.

We also have a traceability option in Odoo 16’s operation types. You may access the operation kinds in the inventory module’s configuration.

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Utilizing distinctive serial numbers for tracking and traceability

A product’s serial number is an identification code that allows for the tracking of the product’s history from receipt to delivery and after-sales. Next, utilizing the tracking number as a distinct serial number, we can buy a product.


The above-mentioned purchase order specifies that the product must be trackable via a distinct serial number. After placing the order, you can configure the serial number while getting the goods.

 You can open a pop-up window by selecting the menu symbol in the receipt form.

You can enter the serial number from this point. If we buy a lot of products, it will be difficult to manually assign a serial number to each one. To overcome this issue, Odoo will automatically generate the serial number for the quantity we are purchasing. First, we must fill out the necessary fields in the aforementioned form with the first serial number (first SN) of our product and the number of additional serial numbers (number of SN) that we require. The serial number for your products will then be created by selecting the Assign serial numbers option.


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