An Overview of the Odoo 15 Sign Module | Odoo Sign Module Management

March 30, 2022

The Sign module in Odoo 15 is mainly designed for signing documents digitally. Within a short time, we can sign the required document with the help of the sign module in Odoo 15.
So, this module acts as a powerful tool to get documents signed up faster, and it results in better productivity and reduces the document signing complexities.

Let’s check how the Odoo Sign module works

Sign module

You can see the dashboard where the templates are created by entering the Odoo sign module, as shown below.

odoo sign module

By considering a document named ‘sample-nda.pdf’, you can see the details related to this pdf in a box-like structure itself. You can see the date, and tags, and here we have the options like send, sign now and share. And also, here, we can view the icons for viewing the number of documents in progress and can see the number of documents signed for this template. You can start a conversation with the user by clicking on the profile picture given in a circular shape.
You can see the ‘tags’ on the left side of the screen like HR, NDA, and Sales. So, you can categorize the template by choosing these tags.

You can see some features such as ‘Filters’, ‘Group by’ and ‘Favorites’.

Also, when considering a document that is in a box-like structure, at the right top of each box, you can see a 3 dots-like structure known as a Dropdown Menu. When clicking this, you can see the options like ‘Modify Template’, ‘Signed Documents’, ‘Archive’, ‘Use Layout’, and ‘Delete’ as shown below figure.

Signed Documents

When you click the option ‘Modify Template’, it will move you to another page, as shown below. There you can make changes to your documents. You can add ‘Signature’, ‘Name’ etc., which you see on the left side of the screen.

odoo 15

And when you click the option ‘use layout,’ a wizard will pop up like the below picture.

odoo signature

So, now let’s go to the “Configuration Settings”. Here you can see the ‘Sign Settings’ as shown below. There you can enable the option ‘Sign Default Terms & Conditions. This is to show the standard terms & conditions on signature requests. ‘Terms in Email’ option will show the text, which will be displayed at the bottom of every signature request email.
‘Terms as Web Page’ option will paste a link at the bottom of every signature request email, leading to your content.

Apart from Settings, we have another option named ‘Roles’ in Configuration, as shown below. So, you can configure the roles from here.
Sign in Module

Let’s come back to the dashboard, and here we have an option ‘UPLOAD A PDF TO SIGN’, and a window appears as shown below.

ERP Software implementation

And you will switch to another page, and you will have 2 options like ‘SEND’ and ‘SIGN NOW,’ and a pop-up appears as shown below.

odoo digital signature

From the above figure, you can see an option’ SIGN DOCUMENT’, and a pop-up appears as shown below, and click on the ‘ADOPT AND SIGN’ option to agree the chosen signature/initials will be a valid electronic representation of your handwritten signature/initials for all purposes when it is used on documents, including legally binding contracts.

SIGN module in Odoo 15
If you want to view the document, click on the ‘view document’ option shown below.
view document

And let’s go back to the dashboard and click the ‘Documents’ option. There you can see the documents and their ‘states’ on the left side of the screen, which include ‘Sent’, ‘Fully Signed’, and ‘Canceled’, as shown below.

odoo Documents

Thus, you can easily manage the SIGN module in Odoo 15.

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