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Keys to a Successful ERP Implementation | Odoo ERP | ERP Implementation Best Practices
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Keys to Successful ERP Implementation | Odoo ERP | ERP Implementation Best Practices

The first choice should be the final choice when you are implementing an ERP for your business. Trial and error method will never be the right option here as you are investing money, time and effort.

 What can be done to ensure a Successful ERP Implementation ? 

A business group or organization has to list out a set of questions and success mantras to ensure the efficient implementation of ERP. They have to take care of a set of important factors to ensure the successful implementation of ERP. Proper planning should start from the moment you decide to implement ERP to smoothen the operations of your business. Fool-proof planning and execution can benefit the ERP implementation as it ensures flawless implementation strategies.

From the selection of the ERP tool to the identification of the Best ERP implementation company can help the business achieve success. It is always important to look at the successful ERP implementation company and the best support system for implementation to avoid errors. 

Key points to be taken note of while selecting an ERP implementation company

  • Set Realistic Goals

The steps begin with a proper planning for your ERP on the basis of the actual needs of your company. There is none, other than you who knows the projects and operations of your business to take it to the next level. Study the operation of all your departments and learn the requirements. Prepare a list of requirements and prioritize before you start approaching an ERP implementing agency. Set realistic goals. It will help you communicate with the ERP implementation company in a realistic manner.

  • Pick the right talents for implementation

 Only a good ERP implementation company can assure you an error free implementation. Well trained professional support equips the business not only to implement the ERP but ensure its smooth operation with constant support. ERP customization requires skilled integration management that can be offered only by a professional team.

  • Experience matters

 ‘Experience is the best teacher’ and an experienced person can turn even the worst situations into a favourable one. An ERP implementation team with years of experience is sure to make a difference. The chances for the successful implementation of ERP in the very first attempt are more than 90 per cent when you entrust the work with an experienced team. A team like Bassam Infotech, who has 24 years of experience in ERP implementation, can offer you 100 per cent satisfaction.

  • Prepare step-by-step planning

 Don’t rush if you want to have a lasting triumph. Recollect the proverb- ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Take your time to think about your requirements. Prepare a priority list and then identify a company to team up with. Communicate your requirements and plan at every stage of implementation. Select the Best ERP solution suitable for your business and plan implementation accordingly. ERP implementation in a phased manner will help to ensure better implementation and follow up support. It can assure internal support for the success of the ERP solution.


  • Identify efficient data migration strategy

Data in your old software has to be backed up and stored in your new ERP system for future use. The data available in the old system can be a valuable asset for your company. However, it won’t be viable to shift all documents and details to the new system. Instead, have a plan to sort out the data after prioritizing them.

Ensure proper communication between the client and the implementation team. Communicate your requirements and apprehensions and know about the ERP operation, training support and pricing.

Partner with the most efficient ERP partner to ensure the best experience. Identify the Best ERP implementation company based on service, experience, training and support and pricing offered. As you know, the selection matters a lot as you will have to pay for any errors in the process.

  • Study financial dimensions

 Implementing ERP requires financial investment. Knowing your budget before planning ERP implementation can help you avoid financial issues and last minute hurdles. Try to trace out the Best ERP at most cost effective pricing. A little bit of advance thinking can help everyone in the process.

  • Identify the functionalities required

Trace all functionalities required for your ERP. Different businesses will have different requirements. An ERP Implementer provides the best support only if you explain to them your requirements with clarity and precision. List out the requirements to trace the modules to be integrated the best way.

  • Ensure the support of employees

Employees constitute an important part of a business or organization. They are the pillars of strength who uphold the success of the organization with their hard work and skill. The management should inform the employees in advance about the ERP Implementation proposal and collect their suggestions and recommendations to improve the customization.

  • Impart training and education to users

Equip the employees of the organization with the required skills to use the ERP. Your ERP will fail to derive the desired results if the employees are unskilled in using the ERP. Proper training to the employees on ERP magnifies the benefits of the Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Educate them about the role of ERP and train them on how to use the ERP. Systematic training to the employees to clarify their doubts will improve the chances for the success of the ERP.

  • Ensure constant support by the implementer

A best ERP implementation company will always offer training support to the employees of an organization for a fixed period of time. This will equip the employees to perform their duties in an efficient way using the ERP system. Post implementation support helps the employees to clarify their doubts about the operations of the ERP and hence improve their operational speed.

  • Prepare an agreement with the Implementer

Make all your points and requirements clear in a contract agreement with the implementing firm. It can avoid future discourses. Foresee the changes and prepare management plans the best possible way. It can work wonders in your turf of operations.

ERP implementation can bring in comprehensive changes in the operations of the organization. From manual management to ERP enabled management or migration from one ERP to another ERP can create a hubbub in the organization if you are not actually prepared to face the situation. Proper data management and migration plan apart from imparting effective training to staff members can address these issues to a great extent.

Why Bassam Infotech ?

Bassam Infotech meets all your requirements by offering you proper guidance for setting realistic goals and by offering you the best talents for implementation. A team with 24 years of experience is sure to be an added advantage to the clientele. We are ready to help you in planning your implementation and ensuring you an efficient data migration strategy. Training and education to employees and interaction with employees by our professional team is sure to ward off your worries. Bassam Infotech also believes in a professional agreement and provides you with constant post implementation support.


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