Survey Module in Odoo 16

March 17, 2023

To get valuable feedback from customers about the products and services that the company provides, it is important to conduct surveys in a business program. You can adjust your business strategy accordingly based on customer feedback. Surveys will help you find out what your customers want so that you can make changes accordingly.
In Odoo 16, the Survey module can collect feedback from the audience. By using this module, you can find out the customer’s impressions, suggestions, expectations, and satisfaction with your products and services.

After creating a survey in Odoo 16, you can test it to ensure accuracy. After completing the testing, you can publish it on your website. Odoo collects and records customer responses automatically in the Survey module when they submit their answers, and you can use them to generalize the results. We will take a detailed look at the Survey module in Odoo 16 in this chapter.

Upon opening the Odoo Survey module, the main dashboard displays all created surveys as shown below.


The three vertical dots in the top right corner of each survey give you the option to edit, share, and delete the survey.


Now, let’s look at the creation of new surveys in the Odoo 16 Survey module using the clock icon shown in the screenshot.

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From the home dashboard, click the Create button to create a new survey.


In the new survey creation window, you can give a suitable title for the survey in the Survey Title field. The survey can also be enhanced with an image uploaded to the specified field. Select a person who handles this survey in the Responsible field. In the Questions tab, you can add questions to the survey.


Clicking on the ‘Add a Question’ option will bring up a pop-up window like the one shown above. Here, you can specify the question and the Question Type. Depending on the question type, the answer pattern will vary. By selecting the Multiple Line Text Box options, the respondent can write multiple lines in their response.

A variety of options can be defined under the Options tab, including Questions, Scoring, Candidates, and Live Sessions. You can choose to layout your survey as one page, one page per section, or one page per question. The Progression Mode can either be a Percentage or a Number. If the Number option is selected, it will show the number of questions answered on the total number of questions to Answer. Similarly, the Percentage option shows the percentage of questions answered. By enabling the Survey Time Limit, you can specify the time to complete the survey. In the Scoring field, you can enable scoring with answers at the end or scoring without answers.

The Share button will open a pop-up window as shown below.

On this window, you can add recipients and additional emails. You can also upload attachments and specify the Answer Deadline date. Now click on the Send button to send the invitation mail.

In the Odoo 16 Survey module, we create and manage online surveys.

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