Managing Risks for Projects and Tasks in the Odoo-16 App

April 12, 2023

The management of projects and tasks is a crucial aspect of any organization. When managing a project or task, many factors need to be considered. Risk management is an important aspect of project management. An important component of project management is managing risk, which helps identify potential risks that may adversely affect the project. It is possible to manage risks effectively in projects and tasks using Odoo 16. Besides providing a wide range of applications, Odoo 16 is all-in-one management software. Using Odoo 16’s Risk Management module, project managers and users can manage the risks associated with their projects.


  • Support for both the community and enterprises.
  • Manager and User should be set in the settings.
  • Project users can create risks using the configuration menu’s risk menu.
  • Project managers can evaluate the project’s and the task’s risk for reporting.

Support for both the community and enterprises:

Both the Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo support this application

Manager and User should be set in the settings:

Setting the manager and user in the settings is the first step in using the Risk Management module. Manager access gives full access to the module, whereas user access only gives partial access.

Tasks-and-project-in-Odoo-16 App


Configuration Risk Types:

The next step after setting up the Manager and User is to build the Risk types, Risk categories, Risk replies, and Risk tags. The manager can make these, using the setup menu. A project’s or task’s potential risks are referred to as its various risk kinds. Risks are categorized according to their nature using risk categories. Risk response describes the course of action to be taken if a specific risk materializes. In order to identify and categorize risks quickly, risk tags are utilized.

odoo-risk-managementThe risk categories menu is shown in the image below:

risk-categories-menuThe following screenshot shows how the Risk Response menu is highlighted:

The Risk Tags menu is highlighted below in a similar manner:

Users of the project can create risks using the setup menu for risks. From the project view, users can additionally add risks and incidents. The module offers different views, like Kanban, List, and Form to view the created risks.

Users have the option of creating an incident and registering risk from the project form view:

The created risk is visible in a variety of view types, like Kanban, List, and Form:

A project manager can evaluate a project’s and task’s risks in order to report them. To analyze risks, the modules give a variety of views such as Charts and Pivot views. The chart view aids in visualizing the risks connected with a project or task. The pivot view also facilitates the analysis of risk-related data.

In conclusion, Odoo-16’s Risk Management module offers a practical method for handling risk in tasks and projects. To successfully manage risks, the module offers several features like Risk Types, Risk Categories, Risk Response, and Risk Tags. A variety of users can use the module because it is offered in both community and enterprise channels. Project managers can use the Odoo module to evaluate the risk related to their activities and projects for reporting needs.

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