Best Odoo ERP Software helps you increase business productivity

January 1, 1970

Wish to streamline your business and simplify the business operations for better productivity and efficiency? The best ERP software company in India can ensure complete support for the smooth management of your business operations by guaranteeing profit, customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and better employee management. In addition, automation of operations can assure you of intelligent business processes and real-time tracking of activities. 

ERP becomes more efficient for a business if the ERP is customized to match the accounting and other features of a particular country where the business is operational. Localisation will help the business to manage the accounting and finance management complying with government rules and policies. Manufacturing or other sectors can ensure compliance with quality control guidelines and safety guidelines specific to every country.

Manual intervention gets minimized when Bassam Infotech, one of the best erp companies in India, installs an efficient ERP solution for smooth coordination of various business operations. In addition, improved time management is made possible with our efficient system. As the success of a business venture depends on productivity and timely sales management, ERP improves the business for a better future. 

Odoo ERP for Revenue Generation

Revenue generation becomes steady when all other operations are systematized. An ERP platform helps you to track your investment and the utilization of the invested money. This automated system also enhances the management of time and the efficiency of the employees. The investors can prepare strategies and monitor sales operations from anywhere. You can ensure complete surveillance with the installation of Odoo ERP. 

The productivity of a business depends on the efficiency of the work center. The working hours, equipment efficiency, material availability, and every other aspect of a business can be controlled with a click if you are using an ERP tool. An Indian ERP system that fits your business needs to help you comply with Indian business and trade laws. 

Let us check out the Key Benefits of ERP India and how it helps a business grow its profits and revenue. 

Bassam Infotech the Best Indian Odoo Erp Implementor

Odoo is the best ERP tool with Indian localization. This ERP platform enables users to customize different features and functionalities to suit the Indian style of business operations. We can also integrate different Indian-specific applications with Odoo ERP to get the best result. 

Doo allows the users to customize accounting, salary and payslip management, and other modules befitting Indian rules. Moreover, Odoo enables the integration of Indian tax regimes like GST with the app as localization is possible. 

Localisation and language support

A major localization feature is the ability to customize language. For a business operating in India, Bassam Infotech the best Odoo ERP implementation company in India can set any of the Indian languages to support the customers. This localization feature will help the business to build a bond with the customers and hence ensure revenue. Website language management, live chat language setting, and restricting live chat for some countries are also possible with Odoo ERP for Indian localization.

Efficient accounts management and compliance with the tax regime

Tax laws and account management rules are different for different countries. An efficient ERP system that has country-specific customization support can be a great relief to business groups. Small or large, these ERP solutions can be the perfect choice to ensure tax compliance. 

Expense management and account module customization features have to be considered when planning ERP implementation for a business. The Best Indian ERP system enables your business to plan a budget and ensure efficient financial management. Odoo ERP allows Indian customization for better use in India. The fine-tuned accounting module can ensure smooth management of payments, invoices, journal entries, tax calculations, and account management. 

Improved manufacturing system with quality assurance

The productivity of a business depends mostly on the capacity of the work center, stock availability of raw materials, the efficiency of the employees, etc. We can ensure maximum productivity only with the help of a comprehensive system to monitor the work progress and employee efficiency. High productivity also ensures steady revenue generation. 


Efficient customer management system

Customer support for a business decides the revenue rate. A Best Erp Software in India can help your business to grow beyond boundaries. ERP linked with the CRM solution can improve the customer relationship and hence manifold the revenue. Generating leads is easier with an efficient Indian ERP system. A localized Odoo ERP solution will be helpful in setting language options for live chat and contact forms. Helpdesk tool integration with language assistance also ensures improved customer satisfaction. 

Enhanced business reporting

The best erp software in india will guarantee you a complete solution for generating reports on the performance of the company. The Odoo ERP will support generating reports on accounts, sales, manufacturing, etc. The report helps the management review the operation and find strategies for improving the operations. In addition, you can access an integrated database for getting a comprehensive review of the business processes. 

Better inventory cost management

Odoo ERP lets you know the actual inventory and stock. As a result, we can avoid running out of inventory and too much inventory. This also avoids higher overhead costs. This ensures you fulfill customer demands on time and avoid loss due to excess stock. 

Improved coordination and business process

The Indian Odoo ERP system will help you to automate routine tasks. As a result, we, the top ERP software in India can improve the workflow and ensure smarter completion of the process. Improved efficiency of the machines and workers is another guarantee the ERP assures you.

Increased productivity 

An Indian ERP user can generate more revenue by ensuring increased productivity. What is more important is the generation of more revenue by investing a lesser amount. As Odoo ERP supports forecast management, report generation, order management, and all other tasks, Bassam Infotech one of the best ERP companies in India can ensure systematic payment collection. Transparency is another important feature offered by an efficient ERP. 

The best ERP Software Company in India also supports:

  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing support with language features
  • Supply chain management
  • Assurance of cost-effective support  
  • Quick implementation
  • Efficient training and implementation support

Bassam Infotech the Best ERP Implementing company in India, can help you a great deal to implement the most efficient Odoo ERP software. We guarantee you cost-effective support. Our expert team will assist in integrating and customizing different ERP modules. Integration with other applications can also be completed with ease.

We’re available by phone or email, with a 24-hour response time in case you need immediate Odoo support. For more details, Call us on +91 88912 49995 or +91 70250 75566 email us at 


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